Our Daycare Family

For weeks, our daycare provider has been mentioning family photos.  She was going to just take the family up to Wal-Mart, but it was always busy and hard to make an appointment with her husband’s schedule.  Add to that: they “hate” having to sit and pose and it’s awkward and blah blee blah – well, I hear you there my friend.  I finally mentioned one day that if she would like, I could come over and take a few pictures.  But: I’m no professional, and my shots aren’t going to be the formal sort that she’d get at a studio.  They were still game, so we planned a weekend morning.

Which got pushed back, due to last-minute things, and we ended up taking photos in the late afternoon.  The light wasn’t the best but we made it work.  All told I burned about 50 images on a CD for her, not too shabby.  And she’s going to babysit some evening for us for FREEEEEEEEEEE, so to us the payment is priceless.  Beyond priceless.  Rock on.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few photos, see below.  These are the sweet people that we see five days a week  🙂

Kiri is the Ham in this family, but Asher has a healthy dose himself (nice smile, little man).

Total daddy’s girl.

She was showing off her “tattoos”.  Apparently under her tights…  She’s a total doll but make no mistake: this little gal is TOUGH.

To say Asher’s dedication to all things Batman is “obsessive” would almost be an understatement…




I took the kids outside for a few pics and they reprimanded me for coming over and NOT BRINGING PEEEEE-DOH.  The horror!  Like they don’t get enough of the guy every weekday…

Many smooches, Fanta and family.  So glad that we have you guys in our life.


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