Week in Review – 19 Dec 2010

I almost typed ‘2011’ in the title, folks.  Clearly I have been preparing for what’s coming next week…

Sooooo yeah.  The week has been busy, as I’m sure most people can say when you start getting closer to the end of the year.  Issue makeups due at work, holiday parties, got the cards out, finished up a lot of shopping.  Business as usual 🙂

This weekend the plan was to go to KC to do some shopping, see a few holiday lights, get all that shopping/baking prep/wrapping finished up.  So busy, but in a relaxed way.  Saturday morn Doots was up with the sun, and adorable, playing on the twin bed in his room, hugging his stuffed animals with all his strength.  For over half an hour…  At that point I figured I should be a Good Mommy and get some clothes on him, and  besides he was getting dangerously close to falling off the bed (reaching for random things on the nearby-but-too-far-for-a-reach dresser). 

So, I scooped him up.  He was not as excited to end playtime, so I cheerfully swung him around a few (half dozen) times.  He looooves spinning!  Loved it he did, and when I set him down he promptly weaved somewhat drunkenly back to the twin bed.  Fell, totally fell from being dizzy.  Face-first, into the metal bedframe.  See where I’m going with this?

Seeeeeeeeeeee????  Yeah, Mom of the Year, that’s me.  So he had the world’s worst fat lip and scratched up face for the rest of the day.  Weekend.  Hell, it still looks terrible.  Sorry sweet boy!  But hey, you can make up a way cooler story about some huge guy in a bar and defending a woman’s honor I mean, it would totally fit with that mug you’re currently sporting.

Anyhoo.  So off to KC we went, after emerging from a nap where the fat lip LOOKED TEN TIMES WORSE OMG.  After our shopping we headed to Paul’s, to check out his new apartment and drag him along to look at holiday lights.  Once Pete realized that Paul has not one but TWO DEEDEEZ!!!11!!1!!, he decided Paul was the coolest person in the world.  No joke.  God help us.


We took Paul over to this place on Falmouth, we heard the holiday display was not to be missed.  Well, that was true but also people forgot to mention how awesomely bizarre this place was.  The owners decorate every window with an animatronic scene, most of it (smelled) about 40 years old, all lit up and while impressive?  Yeah, kinda creepy.  We adults had a good laugh but poor Doots was in agony, he was thoroughly freaked out, and when we got about 3 yards from the huge window where a big Santa head pops out?  Weeeeell let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant experience for him and the Falmouth House Visit was officially over. 


But!  We are totally going back every year because that place was fantasticly kitsch and must must must be an annual tradition.


After that we took poor Paulo back home, and grabbed dinner at Barley’s.  Day over!

Sunday was busy busy busy – wrapping, cleaning, laundry, plus a few trips out for more groceries to finish our baking.  I made three more doughs and three more candies, this week I will be a baking fool.  I also ran over to our daycare provider’s house and took a few family pictures for her, maybe might do a separate post on that shoot.  It was fun and relaxed (and since I’m not a paid professional: stress-free to boot).

And that is it my friends!  After all that you will be shocked to know that right now I am in my faded (comfiest) yoga pants, slippers, Scott’s (soooooft) old Pike sweatshirt.  On the couch.  Trusty beer by my side, and The Ghost Writer going on the TV – for the record, rather good so far.  But then again, Ewan is worth watching even in a bad movie.

Will post again soon – happy Christmas week to you all, may it be relatively stress-free and fun and all that good stuff!


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  1. oh no! his poor little face! the after nap picture is wicked!

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