Week in Review – 12 Dec 2010

Hi.  Photos below with quick captions to explain (that’s why you people come here, not for my entertaining prose, let’s be honest).  I’m too busy being wrapped up on the couch in a lovely warm blanket to think too much about writing stuff.   

So as you can see in this little post here, we go to Old Chicago quite a bit.  Like, A LOT.  Now, usually I am very anti-chain – chain restaurants suck the Little Man dry, and their food is usually not as good anyway, blah blah blah.


Old Chicago was kind of our Old Standby – if we were on the south side of town and in need of a meal, we usually went here.  The deep dish is good, their sandwiches and other items are tasty as well (oh, their buffalo chicken sandwich was DREAMY, my ultimate fav).  Their beer selection is rockin’ and their service was good.  Add the fact that this place is super-close to our mega-plex theater place, and there you go.  We frequented this place, well, frequently.  Last week, Scott got off work and mentioned during dinner that oh, I read today that Old Chicago is closing at the end of the week.   END OF THE WEEK, PEOPLE.  I almost choked to death on my cornbread.  Anyhoo, needless to say that was rather sudden and kinda sad so of course we went up there for one last meal.  The Medium Chicago Seven never tasted so bittersweet.  Also Scott was given the green light to rip his plate off the plaque.  Bad ass.

Considering Thursday was our Final Meal Ever at Larryville Old Chicago, and Scott was working late on Friday – Pete and I moved our Date Night to Friday night.  We bought some gifts for family, we perused the local Borders.  Then we popped over to The Java Break for a smoothie and made a Designer Cupcake.  And after all that, Peter lost his mind as soon as he spotted some holiday lights.  He calls them “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH PREEEEEEEEEEE-TEEEEEEEEEEEZ!”.  That is pretty much what he was screaming as he bolted for them in this shot.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, pretty.  Yeah.  Also please note: no coat, no hat. It was around 60 degrees on Friday.

By the time we were moving on Saturday, it was in the teens (technically) and the wind was whipping at a mild 50 mph.  Er, yeah.  In the morning we attempted to go to the annual Farmers Market Holiday Mart, but OMG.  Sooooo packed, like I don’t mind crowds (I actually rather enjoy them) but even I was feeling claustrophobic.  And we never really got near any tables.  Note to those in charge: next year, look at a space with about twice as much floor space…  

Then it started to snow, so I shoved Peter into some cold-weather gear and dragged him outside.  Something about the cold + wind + snow made him hide from the wind behind the car, and scowl at me until I took him back inside. 

Jeez.  Wimp.

So we watched the snow from the comfort of the dining room instead, munching on graham crackers.  Later we took him out for another night of driving around looking at holiday lights. We even parked for awhile and I let him sit in my lap to watch the show at the Parkside house.  I think that kinda made things up to him.

Sunday I woke up with this view out of the bedroom windows – lots o’ frost.  It was ten below with the wind chill at 6am.  Needless to say lots of sweaters, coffee, and indoor activities for us.

So Scott watched lots of football.  Peter and I did a lot of crafts, I got some gifts wrapped and a package ready to mail.  We made cookies.  Then brownies. 

He dragged around a ratty, dog-eared copy of The Girls all weekend (think: PG-rated Lifetime-style romance novel.  Wut.  It’s set in JoCo man, and is a nice brainless summer read, those are the only reasons I own it I swear).  He becomes attached to random things these days – his beloved play vacuum, he plays with it several times a day.  Must be out at all times.  Chapstick – he’s constantly on the search for a tube, and likes to apply it for you.  Today I pretended to “throw” a tube in another room after he attempted to apply a coat to my lips 87 times.  I kid you not, he searched for that tube for a good ten minutes.  The guilt got to me and I finally gave the poor bewildered thing the tube back.  I have the softest lips ever, no lie.

He has three stuffed animals that are his dearest friends (Stormy the dog, a penguin from Shedd Aquarium, and Frosty the Snowman).  And that book, he likes to carry it under an arm and then mosy over to a chair to sit, pretending to read it.  Kids = highly entertaining weirdos.


Then I put about 3 layers of clothing on Peter, bundled him up, and out we went to run off some energy.  He actually seemed to enjoy himself this go around. 

We high-fived, mitten style.  Then hoofed it back into the house because OMG, sooooooo coooold. 

That’s it.  Later gators.


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