St. Nick’s Day

Just one of many holiday traditions – St. Nick visited us yesterday, leaving Peter a mysterious bag of goodies on the porch.  Yeah yeah, usually he goes for the boot or goes the stocking route, but in our family it’s all about the paper bags.  With St. Nick’s signature bad handwriting (it’s as if he writes with his left hand to disguise his actual handwriting, or something).

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Peter chowed on 5 chocolate Santas, several M&Ms, and 2 Walkers shortbreads.  In between vrooming his new cars around and screaming into his new toy mike.  Yeesh. 

St. Nick’s Day, a total success.  Even though Peter still really has no idea what is going on (just that there are M&Ms in his shoes every morning now, sa-weet).


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