Week in Review – 05 Dec 2010


Well, the holidays are upon us.  And I could not be any happier.  I mean yeah, it means dealing with CROWDS and BLOWING LOTS OF MONEY and FAKE MATERIALISTIC ‘HOLIDAY’ BLAH – WINGE, COMPLAIN MOAN.  Well sorry, I am not that person.  I love the holiday season.  I love pulling all the decorations out of the attic and setting them out, and baking those annual spicy holiday molasses cookies, and the crowded streets bustling with holiday shoppers.  I love getting dressed up and going to the sparkly parties. I keep the car and my personal radio tuned to those dorky Christmas-music stations 24/7.  I even love the mundane parts, like wrapping gifts and addressing cards and everything.  Just everything.  So if you are not That Person, you might want to skip the ole’ blog for the next several weeks (for me it’s the Official Holiday Season until Epiphany.  Just sayin’).

Anyway, once our family got over the Great Stomach Flu of 2010, I was ready to go.  The house is fully decorated – our trees are set up and twinkling, the baubles and ornaments and candles are all out.  The Advent calendar is set up, as is the nativity scene.   I made an Epic Mistake by introducing Pete to the Advent calendar – he’s clearly too little (DUH), just sees it as a nonstop candy dispenser.  I have a feeling we’ll be filling it up frequently this year.

Thursday is Doots & Mom day, we usually go do something fun after work/daycare.  This week we headed downtown to shop and check out the lights.  Probably will do the same for a few more weeks, we are WAAAAAAAY behind on the shopping this year.  Not even halfway done yet.  Eeps.

The weekend was jam-packed.  First thing Saturday we hit up the Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade.  I swear, every year the parade is held on the weekend where the temps do a nose dive – it was in the high 20s, but with the wind blasting it felt a bit colder.  Thank goodness we brought blankets.

We braved the wind and cold temps for a good 45 minutes before we headed off to Free State for some lunch (and beat the crowds who were still watching the parade for another 20 minutes, boo-ya).  Peter snacked on travel-sized pickles until our meal showed up.  He also played with his straw for a good ten minutes, pretending it was a light saber or something.  Whatever keeps him entertained.

After lunch we headed to see the gingerbread houses on display – beautiful as usual! 

Then we stopped to see Santa.  It went about as I expected.  Thank goodness the Weavers Dept. Store Santa is (1) free and (2) there’s never a line.

Saturday night we filled our thermoses with hot coffee (and milk for Pete), then drove around looking at lights.  We found a few new-to-us areas that have great displays, although our usual haunts weren’t so decorated, so we’ll have to go out again next weekend.  Bummer 😉

Sunday was a bit more low-key.  We stayed home mostly, making some candy and cookie dough (I try to make doughs ahead and freeze them, although I learned last year that this isn’t the best technique for some doughs).  Caught up on housework.  We visited all the bunnies and other animals at the pet store down the street – thank goodness for free cold-weather entertainment.  Yeah, that’s pretty much IT.  A nice relaxing sort of Sunday.

That’s it for now!  Off to get some St. Nick goodies pulled together before packing things up for tomorrow to start another work week.  We’ll check back in again soon.  Have a great week y’all!


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