See this slightly-creepy, 30-ish-year-old homemade ornament?  I found it when unpacking all our ornaments, something my husband made when he was little.  I put it on the living room tree, and Peter has been OBSESSED WITH IT. 

He ignores the glass ornaments, the shiny, glittery, fancy ones.  He started by pointing and screaming happily “Ooof!  Ooof!”.  Then he got bold and began pulling it off the tree, repeatedly, even after threats of going to the Naughty Chair.  We hid it in a bowl, but he found it again.  He’s lovingly yanked on the cotton balls, stretching them out; he accidentally picked off an eyeball (he likes to rub that spot).  He lovingly coos “Oof Oof” and holds it out to us to admire as well.  Yeah, I have no idea.  Kids are weird.  And poor Oof-Oof probably won’t last to the end of the season.



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  1. If you want, I’ll send a couple of real oof-oofs over to your house….maybe that would cure the obsession?

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