Week in Review – 28 Nov 2010

This week, this week, hmmsies.  What is there to say, really.

I could talk about the terrible flu, but I think you’re all sick of that by now.  I could talk about how we drove all the way to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving (no short trip, my friends), then had to turn around and come home due to the sickness, but yeah that’s just more complaining right?  Sadly, there is not a lot more to talk about this week. 

Thankfully, everyone is now well, even the Pete-man.  Finally.  Today.  So we celebrated by taking a few tentative trips – to the Merc, for provisions, and then to our neighborhood park – Veterans Park.  Actually I really like it, it’s small yes but never crowded and nice and best of all, a quick walk from the house on nice days 🙂

So I guess that’s what I have for you as a weekly update this week – park photos.  You can tell Peter was feeling better, he was out of the car and across the park like a shot. 

First stop: swings.

Then jungle gym.

Tried to follow his mother up the giant netting thingie.

Mama may hold his heart, but Daddy is the Man when it comes to playing at the park.

I laid in the grass to watch the clouds, and it was apprently just too tempting.  He dog-piled me.

Then he rolled in the grass for a millisecond himself, and I tried to get a photo (even attempting to slow him down with my non-shooting hand), but yeah.  No dice.

I love the tallgrass on the perimeter of the park – if anyone can identify it, please share.  I waaaaant this in my yard.

And then we came home.  Just thankful that now we are all healthy, happy, and hungry.  FINALLY.

I hope everyone had a loverly Thanksgiving holiday!  And holy moly, but this NaBloPoMo thing is almost over.  I’m a little excited and yet a little bummed, it was fun…



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  1. I think it is a type of pampas grass!

  2. I’m so glad everybody is feeling better!

    My friend, Mary, says the grass is Maiden Grass. She has some in her yard – it’s maximum height is about 6′. It looks like there are about a thousand varieties of it.

  3. Send a pic to the extension office, they can tell you for sure what it is! I’ve done that a few times.

  4. Thanks ladies! Investigating now 🙂

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