Week in Review – 21 Nov 2010

Things of Note This Week…

Did we tell you about the Turd Bird Brown Catastrophe yet?  Scott has an annual brew in honor of the Royals (or Turd Birds as he affectionately calls them, they are total lovable losers).  It’s a brown ale and rather good, but this year he accidentally over-activated the yeast somehow (ask him not me) and the bottles started exploding.  In our cellar.  Yeah.  So we drank what we could (um, unbroken bottles, obviously, but for some reason I feel the need to clarify) and Scott cracked open the last one this weekend.  What a bummer.  Much like the Royals’ record this year.

No picture of that, sorry.  Scott isn’t willing to share yet…

Our neighborhood has been held hostage by a giant old tree: our neighbors are having a diseased old oak cut down, probably the tallest tree in our neighborhood (and that’s saying a lot, as we have tons of giant old trees in our neighborhood).  Anyway, the street has been blocked off even, and of course it’s my route – there’s been construction on 19th, my normal route, so this was my “detour”, so it looks like I’ll need a detour-detoured route.  Today they took the day off from hacking at the poor thing, so we explored a little.  Lots o’ logs in that yard, my friends.  The one below is from one of the smaller branches on the tree.

I went on a baking binge this week, making a cranberry cake, stout cupcakes with orange-stout icing, and tangerine blueberry muffins.  Tangerines were on sale this week and I gleefully bought a bag, but man – lots of seeds in those suckers.  This was a good way to get rid of half a dozen at once.  And I plan on making pumpkin whoopie pies and salted chocolate brownies this week. 

We planned on an outing to KC this weekend, maybe check out some parks and playyards, but time got away from us so we didn’t quite make it.  That was fine, we cleaned up some things, I got more basement storage organized, and I made some freezer meals (it’s officially the Fall when I start stocking up the deep freeze, it’s a weird obsession I have when it gets cold).  We baked, we went to the Merc to grab things for Thanksgiving (um, they have toddler-sized carts so it’s Doots’ fave spot).  We hit up the library for Christmas-themed books, and we pulled the Christmas decorations out of the attic – oh my goodness, but I am ready for the holidays.  Thanksgiving to New Years, my most favorite time of year.


It was mild this weekend, the last one for awhile for sure this time (by Thanksgiving our high temp. should be in the 20s, BRRRRRRR), so we took lots of walks, spent time in the yard, and hit up our favorite parks.  We stayed at the park both evenings until it was getting dark and chilly, enjoying every last bit of sun and warmth that we could.

One last thing before I head out for the weekend – it is my dear brother’s special day (um, but not at Fantasy Football, sorry kid).  Babysitter extraordinaire, Chai Tea lover, and the Supreme Lord of the Nerds – happy birthday, Paulo.  Much XOXO from your Nemmie.

Hope you like that picture, it’s one of my latest of you that I couldn’t delete.  Kind of a good representation. 😉


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