Writer’s Block

I’ve got writer’s block.  Or shooter’s block?  What do photographers call it, I wonder?  At any rate: it’s been busy and I haven’t had time to think about a post, and really have no ideas for today.  I got a few fun photos at the park, and around the house, but nothing that is making me super-excited to post it. 

Anyhoo.  For lack of any other update, I thought I would thrill everyone with the fact that all it takes is a few sprays of detangler and some scrunching, and those soft pretty curls come right back.  Thank goodness.

I know.  I’m sorry.  I’ll have something less lame for tomorrow, I promise.  And yeah, he’s sucking on the spray bottle of detangler in that shot.  Can you blame him?  The stuff smells like candy.


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