With the start of daylight savings came the end of most of the lovely late-afternoon light of which I loved to take advantage.  So sadly, I had to break out the flash.

Now, I know they take lots of pictures at daycare (we get a disk of all the photos at the end of the year, so fun to go through).  I guess I never thought about the fact that he doesn’t associate my normal photo-taking with hers, as I never ever use my flash.  So anyway, I mention this because I whipped out my camera last week after a few days of no-photo-taking (I just had to take a few shots as it had been… well, a few days) and aimed it at Peter.  The flash went off.  He paused, eyes big.  Then I put the viewfinder up to my eye again, aimed, and suddenly I hear distinctly – a word uttered in a high-pitched squeal:



And: cue big goofy smile, squishy eyes, a kid totally and completely cheesed out.  An endearing, yet pretty unattractive, sort of squashed up face.  OMG.  My guess is that they are prompted to “now say cheese!” at daycare when she’s taking pictures.  So: I suspect that I am doomed to see that identical cheesy smile everytime I bust out the flash this winter.

At least the awesome scream of “CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!” comes with it.


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