Week in Review – 14 Nov 2010

Blogging every day has a definite benefit – I’m not as wordy in my weekly updates 🙂

Our week was busy as usual, lots of errands to run and cleaning to do.  Winterized the house a little today.  Played a little outside.  Also Peter was fascinated with the chairs outside the Student Union yesterday, and insisted I take a picture of he and dad sitting together.  A little demanding, my kid.

I am very proud of myself because I found a steal of a deal and bought the Big Ticket Item for Pete for Christmas.  We have also picked up some other toys and books and puzzles here and there while out shopping, so he’s pretty much done.  I also put in an order through Amazon and got some shopping for family finished.  Usually I’m not great at shopping ahead for the holidays, I tend to just start my shopping AFTER Thanksgiving.  I figure that this year will be busy enough though, so I a head start doesn’t hurt.

To completely change the subject, here’s your random fact of the day: Peter is addicted to DD Munchkins.  He will eat about 10 of them in one sitting.  Good thing there is one about four blocks from our house (plus I like it because it means Easy Weekend Breakfast, hooray).


Other than that, not a ton to update right now.  I’m posting this a little early after we’ve all scrambled around, taking showers/pressing shirts/hunting down my favorite clutch/packing an evening bag for Peter.  He’s headed off to spend some quality time (and hopefully sleep) at the sitters, and we are off to Kansas City.  We’re cocktail-attired and excited for a nice dinner out, will update you on that little bit tomorrow…

Have a lovely evening!  Oh – and someone be sure to watch The Walking Dead and recap for me tomorrow, thanks bunches.


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  1. Beautiful outfit! Can’t wait to hear about the dinner!

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