Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I am here today to pimp Shutterfly goods.  Which is kinda awesome, because I really do like Shutterfly products. I’ve ordered from them for years, creating calendars for my siblings (uh, I usually make “here is where we all look really really ridiculous, and here’s that time we acting like idiots in public” calendars for my siblings and shockingly, they seem to go over pretty well), photo books for my mommy, birth announcements for Peter’s arrival, etc. They are quick, they run good deals, and their online programs are easy to use. What’s not to like? I will admit however: I never gave their Christmas cards even a fleeting glance.

In the past I have been very DIY-esque with my Christmas cards – I’d just make my own. I’d take my own pictures (or used photos from a family session, like last year), separately order photo prints, then buy those Christmas cards with a window for your own photo. Once I had all the pieces I’d shove the prints in the card windows, and start addressing. It was more expensive than getting those 1-hour photo cards made, and it was time-consuming (especially the year I bought plain cards and had to use photo corners to attach all the prints, oh the horror I consumed lots of wine that holiday season). But I was not really a fan of those glossy, ‘you-can-choose-from-a-generic-clip-art-tree-or-snowman-for-the-card-corner’ cards. So time-consuming and costly was the route I continued to go, year after year (er, and don’t tell my husband because I always pretended it was cheaper so he wouldn’t squawk about it…).

So jump to last year. Last year I got a record number of photo cards, I bet 90% of the cards I got were photo cards, but that’s not what shocked me about them. What really surprised me, instead, is that they were all so… pretty. Nice card stocks, in different sizes and folded-card styles with any decoration and color scheme you could think of. Tasteful!  Pretty!  That certainly changed my mind about the entire photo-card industry. Shutterfly’s Christmas line has a bunch of fun desgins, with the traditional sort of photo card (you know, if you’re into that sort of thing) as well as all the cool new styles with the nice papers and designs. Here are just a few designs that I love:

And some are even folded cards!  With room for additional photos on the inside!  Oh my goodness.  The hardest part will be narrowing it down… 


And oh, yeah hey!  Fellow Bloggerse!  Do you want 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click here to go to Shutterfly for information on how you can get 50 free cards this holiday season, oh yeah dudes awesome sauce.


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