Week in Review – 7 Nov 2010

Well this daily blogging thing is certainly going to make the Weekly Update short and sweet…  Just a few Doots pictures and a few words, then we’ll send you on your way.

It’s fall!  The house on the corner of our block has an insane amount of leaves (probably because no one is living there at the moment), so we head down and jump in them at least once a day.

So let’s see: Monday I had Book Club.  Tuesday was Election Day.  Wednesday I had a Mommy’s Lunch, Thursday was INSANE at work, and Friday was finally, blessedly, the weekend.  No plans this weekend, and we needed one of those weekends again.  We picked up the house, I organized my closet in our bedroom, I started organizing the basement storage (um, total chaotic mess). 

I also weeded out the kitchen/dining-room cabinets and buffet, packing up the overflow items in a few plastic totes so they’re easy to find when I have those once-a-year occasions to use them.  SO MUCH MORE BREATHING ROOM IN THAT KITCHEN OMG.  You know, when we got in the house I joyously unpacked everything I had in the cabinets, squooshing it all in there.  I was just happy to have a lot of our wedding gifts out of storage and finally in everyday use!  Only: my cabinets, they were stuffed to the gills, we were constantly pulling out seven things to get to the one darn piece of equipment we needed.  After approx. 2-1/2 years of home ownership, I just sucked it up and finally cleared things out.  It is so (SO) much nicer in those cabinets.

This picture of Peter staring at Scott’s butt is meant to show that we also cleaned the yard.  I use the term “we” loosely, as Peter and I mostly played or watched Scott while he did the work.  All summer plantings and container gardens: cleaned up and packed away.  Leaves and acorns: raked and bagged.  Sidewalks and driveway: trimmed and cleaned.   Garden: weeded, trimmed, and winterized.  We are pretty much ready to go and Scott should get all the credit (so I post a photo of his butt in the air; I was probably breezily sipping a cocktail and directing him where he missed a weed while I was taking it, too.  Clearly – Wife of the Year).

The little dear is doing well.  Didn’t even scar on the outside where his liquid stitches were, just a faint line, so WAHOO NO $$$ ON FUTURE PLASTIC SURGERY ROCK ON.  He’s learning at a crazy rate; just today he played this funny game where he’d hide his food under his plate to tease me (oh, but he ate it, yes, I’m so fooled when that strawberry is basically holding your plate up HAR HAR HAR YOU ARE TOTALLY THE NEXT CONAN DUDE). 

A few weeks ago he decided to stop saying “mama/mommy”, which oh yes, perfect.  Yeah, cute, go ahead and giggle every time I try to make you say it and you say “daddy!!” instead.  So I was also daddy for awhile, but randomly yesterday he woke up and decided that the joke was officially old, Mommy was back in the vocabulary.  He’s starting to string a few one-syllable words together (‘THERE-Y-IZZ!’ for ‘there he is!’ when we play hide-and-seek), and saying a few more two-syllable words like ‘pickle’ and ‘cracker’ (food words are so popular with the toddler set).  

His hair is Something Else, and I find myself at a loss for words when trying to describe it.  With the dip in humidity (THANK GAWD) also came the loss of the curls, at least on top/sides/front.  The back is still a mess of tight curls, though, rows of them even. Actually: you know those baby girl bloomers, with the ruffles on the butt?  That’s basically his head right now.  Let’s call it an awkward stage.

And I just used ‘butt’ three (four!) times in this post, ensuring that this week I’ll get quite a few interesting search engine hits.

Oh, here’s photographic evidence of one of the random odd things of the week:  filling up his coupe after a long drive.  With the watering can. 

That’s it folks (somehow that turned into more than a few words, shockingly…).  Have a great week!  See you back here tomorrow.



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  1. As the mother of another curly-headed wonder, I can assure you that cool weather will not be a friend to your child’s hair. Madster has already gone from resembling lovely (if somewhat annoying–ST, not Mads) Shirley Temple to looking more and more like Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka every day. Poor girl. Unless her hair get thicker, I fear she’s doomed to winter upon winter of ponytails…

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