NaBloPoMo – Day 1

I decided on a whim to join up for NoBloPoMo – that’s “November Blog Post Month” for the uninitiated.  Essentially, you pledge to blog every day during the month of November, it’s supposed to jump-start the creative juices or something like that (it’s a take off of the National Novel Writing Month challenge).  Well, I guess we shall see.  Actually I wanted to do this back in the day when I had my food blog, but the idea of blogging a recipe with cute little story plus pictures every single day made me tired just thinking about it.  Just blogging an image or quick story or maybe (if I’m feeling ambitious) a recipe, that I can probably pull off. 


Anyhoo – to kick off the month, a few photos from Trick or Treating follow (would have done more, but Photoshop isn’t on this computer and all other files are RAW.  And anyway, I have 29 more days to fill…). 

So I thought about waiting to post this one (if ever) until I cleaned up the image – aka, the orange faux soul patch was concealed.  But hey, you know?  It’s real, so I left it and posted it anyway.  Besides I’m too lazy to head over to the laptop to properly edit it.

Peter saw the awesome robot guy and stopped to stare for awhile.  Then would walk for a bit, then stop to stare at him again (did I mention the candy lines were slow moving?  It’s a good thing that candy is not our main objective this year).  Anyhoo, it was kinda funny.  Plus I like that the robot brought along a beverage.

The Muppets were easily the best costumes we saw all night.  The south-moving candy line was probably slowed down more from people stopping to watch this crew dance to accompanying music than by anything else.

Shuffling along in the same darn way, definitely father and son.

Here’s to tomorrow!  See you again soon.


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