Week in Review – 24 Oct 2010

I totally forgot to post this photo last week, but I love it.  I dunno why, probably  just because of that funny “gotta be like the grown ups” thing wee kids do.  He decided to drag dad’s ottoman over to use while he watched some cartoons.  I love toddlerhood. 

So hey yeah, what’s up!  Well – it’s warm over here.  Remember a few weeks ago, when I said it was finally going to cool off?  Um, no.  It is still in the 70s/80s and IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY.  I want to pack away my sundresses!  Bust out the sweaters!  It’s late October, for god’s sake!  THE MOSQUITOES ARE EATING ME ALIVE.  Hurrumph.  So: the weatherman is saying a cool-down this week, and he better not be lying to me this time.

At least the little one is enjoying the weather.  And yes, it’s in the 70s but I’m putting long sleeves on him.  He doesn’t know the difference…

I asked Scott if he had anything to add, and he said “I brewed a batch of red ale”.  So there’s that, he’s been keeping busy (and preparing for basketball season, that’s his annual b-ball brew OH YEAH MMMM). 

This week I chaperoned a daycare field trip, to the pumpkin patch.  It was windy and warm but everyone still had a blast.  Here’s a snap of Asher, he’s my buddy.  We hung out at the Patch together and under my watchful gaze, he took a header into his pumpkin whist running through the patch.  Soooo… I’m not sure if I’ll be asked to chaperone again any time soon.

Our weekend was pretty busy.  Friday night was spent running errands and prepping for next weekend’s festivities.   Saturday I attended a baby shower in KC – I love my KC girls, we always have so much fun when we get together 🙂   We switched things up this time and used fabric paint to create onesies for the soon-to-be mama.  I didn’t bust out my camera (total shame, I suck I know) but I did steal one photo from online, of some of the onesie awesomeness (mine’s in the middle, Sloth is my mascot yo).

 Sunday we played around in the morning, then headed back to KC in the afternoon, for a Halloween Party.  I took a few photos, but kind of in that shoot-from-my-lap-randomly-while-chatting way?  And alas, they are mosty junk, so no sharing.  However we had a blast: tons of kiddos, great food, great company. 

Afterwards we stopped at The Legends so I could ogle cameras and lenses (I may need a new camera body sooner than later, and would like to upgrade when I do so).  Then we rushed home to hit up Halloween at the Dorms.  The four big dorms on campus do their own version of Halloween: one dorm does a huge multi-floor haunted house, one dorm does activities, and the two others hold Trick or Treating.  Every floor has a theme, and they decorate their lobby to the theme (Monsters, CandyLand, Zombies, Dragons, Unicorns, etc. etc. etc.) .  Then you head down the hallways and can knock on the doors with a special trick-or-treating sign (some kids also stand and hand out candy in the lobbies).   You take the elevator to the 7th floor, then work your way down.  Totally fun.

 I would be lying if I said Peter rocked it out from the onset.  We walked into the first dorm and ran into Baby Jay, which made Peter… drop his candy bag and turn around to run, screaming.  Then we went to wait for an elevator, and encountered a werewolf and giant-on-stilts-monster guy.  Screaming, again.  Plus shaking, and moaning, and ahhhhhh poor little man.  So we took him to a couch in the tucked-away area of the lobby and calmed him down, and decided to maybe take the stairs up and test him out with one floor.  We figured we’d probably be leaving sooner than later.  Fortunately, after a few minutes of clinging to our legs, he sucked it up and gave it a shot.

And loved it.

He quickly learned that all he had to do was knock, coo, and those college girls would let him grab as much candy as his little fist could hold.  Then he’d thank them with a high-five or fist-pump (the boys, they preferred the fist bump).  I think he’s ready for dorm life, folks.

One last thing before we end for the week: we need to talk about The Costume.  Oh, the humanity.  I made him a California Roll costume, it was weeks of trimming bits of upholstery foam and lovingly glue-ing every little piece together.  And he haaaaaated it, he’d wail whenever he so much as spotted the thing.  We tried to get him to warm up to it for weeks, but to no avail.  I guess take my stubborn character + Scott’s = Doots ain’t giving in to anything.  So I took him out shopping, I buttered him up with his most favorite snack in the world (green tea frapp and Walkers shortbread), he was in a fabulous mood…  We went to three spots to try on costumes.  THREE STORES.  He cried through every costume dress-up session.  Nothing, nada.  That kid is gonna wear nothing but exactly what he wants.  Finally, finally, after a stop to Wal*Mart of all places, he found something deemed worthy of decorating his body.  Let me introduce you to:

Superman Kitty Something.  Er, something.  Anyway: he’s smiling!  He wears it!  Success!

Have a good week, loves.  A busy one here, but will check back in within the week, promise.  Toodles!



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  1. Sexy kitten ears.

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