Week in Review – 17 Oct 2010

 Oh yeah, baby: Late Night.  Haven’t gone in YEARS but we did it this year, and brought Peter to his very first Late Night experience as well.  WE loooooove basketball in this house.  WE were a little concerned about taking the Doots: before you have children, you realize that yes, they are their own personal little being with their own wants, opinions, and needs.  What you don’t seem to grasp (or at least, I didn’t) is that while your child has his/her own personality, he/she also – just like us, amazingly – chooses randomly whether or not to act like his/her “known” personality. 

Peter’s a pretty active kid (not much for just sitting), and pretty happy, and a big ham who lives to make people laugh.  However even given that – in any situation he could randomly place anywhere on a Scale of 1 to 10.  He could be a rotten, kicking, screaming menace (definite 1) or a calm, mellow, cuddly sweetheart (total 10, all the way).  All of this is based on a complex algorithm based on nap lengths, meals eaten, number of times he’s been told ‘no’ that day, playtime with friends, number of minutes spent at the park, whether or not teeth are coming in, etc. etc.  So basically: where he’ll hit on the scale at any moment, it’s anyone’s guess.

Luckily, Friday night he was a total 9.5 – aside from a few over-enthusiastic whaps with his flashing-thunder-sticks (sorry, college girls in front of us) and a quick moment of squirmy-child after the first hour – he was an angel.  All smiles, giggles, happy yells; clapping and waving his thunder-sticks happily.  Sitting contently in daddy’s lap.  Just a total joy…  And then he kinda zonked out during the player introductions (which, it was LOUD, by the way).  Then we decided to leave.  But all in all, a great night.  Can’t wait for next year.

I will admit that the only reason I included the photo below is because it makes me laugh.  His arms, they look like they are on backwards.

When’s the last time I updated you on the Doots, anyway?  A long time, right?  Like a whole week or something?  Well then, let’s update you!  Here are a few weird things Peter started doing this week:

  • He can gobble up an entire jar of pickles in approx. 2-3 days.  All by himself.
  • He’s obsessed with a picture of his aunt Tinnie that he stole off of the fridge.  He simultaneously crumples it yet also loyally carries it around the house, showing her to me at random moments.
  • He toasts.  Way too much.  “CHEEEEEEEEERS!”  He says that quite clearly as he clinks.  If he’s in the mood and we ignore him, we get CHEEEEEEEERS! shrieked at us while he frantically waves his sippy cup over his head.  You know: there are a few things that we have taught him, in a moment of “har har har funny party trick har”, and now we regret it.  This is kinda one of them.
  • He learned to say “Jayhawk!” – well, “AY-haw!”, close enough – and now gets especially excited every time he sees one (we could hardly pry him away from the Jayhawk on the wall, on our way into the Fieldhouse).
  • He perfected the fist bump – and while he can’t follow it by blowing it up, he does make a blowing-it-up sound effect for us.  So: close enough.
  • He’s finally “getting” TV.  Which, on the one hand – ew.  But on the other hand: it’s nice to have him snuggle into my lap and watch cartoons for a few minutes.  Instead of the usual run-around-like-a-crazy-man that we deal with on a daily basis.
  • Our daycare provider has informed me that, when it’s naptime and he’s made it clear that napping is for wimps (sadly, this happens way more often than it should) – he now likes to sit near her in that quiet house, and sing songs to her. 
  • The only songs that I sing with Peter involve Lady Gaga, and that’s belted out in the car on the way to and from daycare.  Soooo…  yeah.


But enough about that child. 

We also headed to the Free State “Burroughs trail” dedication this weekend.  There was a city dedication of a new running/biking trail, and Free State decided to have a little celebration as well, for the new trail and also to celebrate their East Side brewing location.  They had beer, fresh cider, and FANTASTICALLY AWESOME OMG DYING brats.  Seriously, they were that good.  They gave informal tours of the new plant, and had a band playing outside.  It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast.  Peter is officially addicted to that cider, too.   Freshly made that morning!

Checking out the tanks…

Mmm, had a copperhead.  It was lovely.


Doots and his raging cider addiction.  He had about 3 cups of the stuff.

Sunday Paulo came over to hang out, watch some football, and eat some curry.  Mmm, curry.   Then Peter and I hit up the library, and got some errands done.  Ended with a Mad Men finale, and a glass of Scott’s amazing Amarillo IPA.  It was a good Sunday 🙂

Have a great week everyone – see you again soon.


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