Week in Review – 10 Oct 2010

Another long week!

On Tuesday I was part of a Shoot Day, with KelleyPhoto and The Solars.  So much fun!  I learned a lot, although most of my photos from the shoot are junk (that’s what happens when you’re in a pack of photographers with big ole lenses, shooting from about 5 feet away, while you’re rockin’ a short focal-length number).  No worries, I will still share a few of my favorites (I could share dozens more, but will spare you):

Those Solars sure have a way with the kids.  This girl was not a fan of having her photo taken.  Unless it was Josh or Jenny, that is…

Other than that: we spent time with friends, and Scott and Peter had a special week of their own: daycare was on vacation, so he and Doots spent the week together, making yummy breakfasts every morning and exploring a new city park every afternoon.  He promises a separate post on that someday, but for now I’ll share this little sneak peek:

Tuesday was the annual downtown Zombie walk.  After dinner and bath, we put Pete in his PJs but also a pair of shoes, and headed over to watch some zombies.  He especially enjoyed all the zombie dogs and babies walking the streets.  And he slept like a log that night, so apparently not scary…

We headed to the Kansas bit of Route 66 to watch my dear sister Beah run her first marathon.  She was a faithful triathlete before having my dear niece and nephew, and is starting back up her hobby by running a marathon.  She did great and I am so proud of her.  If I admit it, my real reason for hitting the gym so faithfully (and signing up for a 5K) was my Beah’s inspiration.  Much love Beah!  You rocked it out 🙂

We watched Beah run by at Mile 17, then met up again at the finish line.  Mahni made her mother a sign, it read “Run Mommy!”

Sweateh sweateh Beah (sorry, B, I had to post it).

Had to squeeze in a few extra Mahni shots, I’m a little partial.

That’s our week, my friends.  More to come next weekend, for now I leave you with some cousin love.



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  1. You got some good shots from shoot day! I haven’t even uploaded mine yet… yeah, just a little behind…

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