Week in Review – 03 Oct 2010

Heeeyyyyyyyy.  Wazzaup.  I was a super-duper awesome wifey of the week, took up the job of football widow so Scottie could concentrate on The Games and The Stats and The League…  Yeah I know I am too nice.  But anyhoo, a wee bit worn out after running after a Doots all day and what am I doing?  Not taking a hot relaxing bath.  Not giving myself a pedicure (oh, but I waaaaaaant to), not vegging in front of the TV, oh no.  I’m updating the blog.  You’re welcome.

I am also enjoying a nice Bob 47.  And I earned it, darn it.  So!  Anyhoo!  In celebration of the fact that I finally have a few moments of peace and quiet (well, quiet other than the She & Him playing in the background right now): the weekly update shall be given in list mode.  Not just any list mode though!  Taking a page from my dear friend Kari, I’m doing it in “What We Learned This Week” mode.  Enjoy.  Yeah.

(1)  Embarrassingly: the main thing I learned is that: oh, hey!  That little cheap DSLR of mine, it does a lot more than I realized.  I finally (am I really admitting this omg) read the whole manual.  Who knew some of the things it can do!   And also I played around with it like a TON more than usual, trying to get as comfortable as I can with my new lens.  All this work because I head to a Shoot Day this week, hosted by KelleyPhoto and The Solars.  Wanna make sure I know my camera well enough that I don’t look like a total idiot while I’m there, wish me luck (er, I’m gonna need it)…

(2)  I really need to get a handle on focusing an image better.  I am an auto-focus girl, I admit it (hangs head in shame).  I AM WORKING ON IT.

(3) Don’t forget the ever-important bib when you take your baby out for One Last Ice Cream of the Season – you’ll regret it (this was Doots at his cleanest, and by the end people on the street were STOPPING AND POINTING TO LAUGH AT THE DIRTY FILTHY STICKY BABEH OH MY GOODNESS HE’S NOT WITH ME I SWEAR).

(4)  He may be a full-on toddler (16 months on whaaaaah?  Four days??), but I still love the boy in stripes as much as I did when he was a wee babe. 

(5) It’s never too early for a trip to the pumpkin patch (Schaake’s, to be exact; all photos to follow come from our visit there).

(6)  It is harder than you’d realize to find fun dress-up clothes for boys (I pride myself on finding interesting clothes for my kid but ooof, finding non-boring dress-up stuff is a CHORE).

(7)  My friend Leslie’s hair stylist is not, indeed, as I originally interpreted, 70 years old.  She instead charges $70.  Er.  Oops.

(8)  Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin donuts are freaking awesome.

(9)  Never underestimate the energy of a toddler – he ran amok in that pumpkin patch for a good hour (not counting the time we spent at their playground, or visiting the animals, or having a snack…).

(10)  Our son’s love of cats has now bled over to dogs as well (or as he calls them” ahh-dees”).  Other than his mad love for his stuffed animal dog, Stormy (who he stole from my parents, by the way,  and adores so much that he  takes for walks outside in his toy stroller), he goes ga-ga for any dog in his field of vision.  This weekend during a walk (fondly pushing his Stormy around in a stroller, yet again) he darted across the street in .01 seconds when he spotted someone walking their dog across from us.  Clearly a problem, time to work harder on NO CROSSING THE STREET WITHOUT HOLDING MOMMY’S HAND…

(11)  This soup recipe is ahhhhh-mazing (er, with spinach instead of cabbage).  And good for you.  So try it.

(12)  Doots finally made a 180 on that whole “the outside is gross” thing.

(13)  Did you know that you can see Howl on VOD as well as in theaters??  New release in theaters, people!  We watched it at home, tucked into the comfort of our dark, warm comfy living room after a loooong day at the pumpkin patch, drinks in hand.  Cannot beat that!  Seriously.  And the movie was fantastic, by the way.

(14)  Schaake’s has some rockin’ cider slushes.  The apple is great but the cherry??  Swooooon, to die for.  And only 75 cents to boot.

(15) Doots loves anything he can drink through a straw, as it makes him feel like a Big Person.  True story.

Later gators.


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  1. Love it!! You’ve totally motivated me to quit being lazy and post mine. Although I was deathly ill this weekend so I didn’t learn much other than how big of a dent I could leave in the couch. 😉 Looks like you guys had a great week!

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