Week in Review – 26 Sept 2010


Hi again!  Well long story short: I am not feeling that well right now, headaches and sore froat, tight chest, oh yes my friends – it’s official, the germ machine is back in business summer is over.  Actually while I feel like The Yucks the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS, cool nights/mornings and sunny mild days.  Ahhhh.  I’m not letting a little cold get me down, no sir!

Well, I mean maybe tonight, as I have a bed and some Nyquil calling my name.  Anyhoo, on with the week shall we?  We did a lot but sadly my camera-toting was at a minimum for some reason, so I don’t have much to share.  I’ve decided to dedicate my photosharing today to a recent bed-frolicking-pillow-fight episode (Doot’s third most favorite activity this week as rated on a scale, only following (1)  throwing things and then yelling “UH OHHHH!” in a desperate attempt to grab our  attention and (2) watching videos of cats on YouTube).

I was busy during the week, work and all my time in the evenings eaten up by a SPECIAL FANCY PROJECT NOT TO BE BLOGGED FOR AT LEAST A MONTH.  So you’ll just have to wait, and take my word for now that omg, but I am in dire need of manicure after all my typey-typing work.

Doots had his 15-month wellness appointment this week (eeps, but when did he get that old I must have blinked).  He’s doing good – tall and skinny, just the way I… don’t like them.  Ah, but I love the kids with a case of the chubbehs, and would rather those fat knuckles stick around for awhile, but anyway.  It means all my fears of his voracious, never-ending-I-would-like-thirds-now-ma’am-please appetite is nothing to actually worry about, he just has magical metabolism.  Brat.

Saturday was busy – I worked more on the Project That Shall Not Be Named, ran errands blah blah blah (all those boring parts of the weekend), and Peter had a few moments of flu-like weirdness.  As in a fever and random moments of getting sick in random places around the house (including all over my bare feet at one time, it was as lovely as it sounds).  All over by the evening though, thank goodness, because we had places to be and things to do! 

We tried to head to our church’s annual Oktoberfest for dinner, but downtown was such a snarled mess (home game + Band Day + Oktoberfest + usual college-kid weekend shenanigans) that we gave up and had dinner at Old Chicago.  It’s nice and loud and they had the game going, so it was worth it (although we mourn the fact that it is no cabbage roll and polka dancing for another year). 

After dinner we hustled around to get Peter settled for the evening, as Uncle Paul was on his way over to babysit – yup, we were going out.  TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW ROCK ON.  We met up with Nikki and Rick in KC, to catch CAKE and The Uncle Fester Band in concert.  It was an outdoor venue and thankfully, the rain let up.  It was chilly for sure, but it was worth every second of cold noses and freezing fingers – CAKE, as always, was fantastic.  I love seeing them in concert, John McCrea always does a great job chatting up the audience between songs and they play a good mix old favorites as well as new stuff.  They busted out Stickshifts and Safetybelts, which is my all-time favorite, so it was the Perfect Evening to me.  Oh, yeah, and Smashing Pumpkins weren’t too bad either – actually they were pretty good, I guess I should admit (I am only saying that for dear Scott’s sake, as he’s the one who actually likes them.  For reasons that I can’t understand).

We all got back to our house and settled into bed around 1am.   Which probably wasn’t the brightest idea, because Nikki and I had a 5K run the next morning.  We got up early early early and met her friend Shawn for the run.  Now, this was my first-ever-ever 5K, so even though it was just a lame 5K I was a little nervous-ish about the whole thing.  The first mile I was sorta hating life, but after that I found my groove and plugged along.  We hit a BIG GIANT hill at about the halfway mark and while it sucked, I didn’t want to die nearly as badly as I thought I would.  And what comes up must come down – there was a sweet decline immediately following, so we took full advantage and kinda made up for lost time.  Dare I say, while running at about mile 3 I was thinking about how nice and warmed up I was and I could probably go another few miles at this pace (spoiler: I did not, and by the end I was kinda hating life again, what with all the happy-hoos standing on the sides telling me just “ohhhh you’re almost there you’re awesome you’re doing great clap clap clap awesome pants!!!!!1!!” OH SHUT UP AND STOP STARING AT ME SO I CAN JUST FINISH THIS DARN THING WITH SOME DIGNITY GRRRRRR HULK SMASH; sooooo yeah there’s that). 

And yet!  Yet!  While it was kinda nice, I also had to walk a few times (as to not yack all over my running partners, thanks a lot nasty cold) and spent a decent chunk of time thinking about just how much I honestly hate running.  With all it’s weather and… outdoors.  Give me a magazine and TV in the comfort of my climate-controlled gym, my friends.  Yeah it’s disgusting, I admit it.

Afterwards we all had our smoothies/fruit/b  ar-thingie and headed back to the house, to meet up with the men and head out for some breakfast downtown (Ingredient, you never let us down).  After that we parted ways: Shawn, Nikki, and Rick went off to do some shopping and we headed back to the house, we went back home for the day.


We got things done around the house, which is a good feeling, and visited our neighbors for a little while.  We had waffles and cinnamon-apples for dinner (yeah, be jealous).  That’s about it folks.  Hope everybody had a good week of their own!  Look for a recipe post in the near future, featuring waffles, sweet waffles.  Mmm.


PS – Muzzy and Dad, you might recognize a certain doggie stuffed animal in the photo montage, and let me tell you I told him not to steal it, but he did anyway.  Bad Doots.  He does adore that guy though, totes him around everywhere (blanket in one hand, BFF doggie in the other).



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  1. too awesome! 5K~ finally! you rock!! Am thinking of squeeshing in a 15K trail run up there this weekend…. still undecided.

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