Week in Review – 19 Sept 2010

 Hi there!

It’s going to be another post short on words – I sit here typing with burning eyes and scrambled brains – Doots was not the best sleeper this weekend (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR MONTH WEEK FOR SURE) so once this loverly little post is typed up, it’s off to the bedroom for me.  I’m dying for it, excitedly yawning just thinking of it.  So here we go…

This week was busy for sure!  Working, my birthday, and meeting up with friends during the week.  The boys treated me well on the birthday-day: after work Doots took me shopping and out for ice cream.  Then we headed home, and Scott and Doots together took me out for dinner (at the wonderful 23rd St. Brewery).   After getting home and putting Peter to bed, I opened my gifts – mi amor, he knows me too well.  I got a shiny new camera lens, even nicer than the one I was pining for.  Swoon!  Here’s a pre-new-lens shot.  For the record: the Nikon D40 kit lens is way better than you would anticipate, just want to get that out there.  It’s served me well for years. 


And a shot from the new lens; this was taken the day after I snapped it in, it was overcast and late in the day and still, a decent shot.  I looooove it.

 Now I just need to invest in editing software.  And a few more lenses.  Maybe a better camera body…

Anyhoo, that was the week in quick review.  Saturday we headed to visit my in-laws for the weekend.  We had a wee bit of quality time in our PJs at home before packing and hitting the road.

 I also signed up for a shoot day with our family portrait photographers.  Cross your fingers that I am not in over my head.  At least this is incentive to actually read the camera manual in its entirety…

 Anyhoo back to our trip! We had a really good visit with the family, as always time went by way too fast.  Doots had fun, even with the non-sleeping thing.  He has a newfound love of the outdoors and loves to check out all the nooks and crannies on their farm property.   Including hanging out scooping up gravel on their dirt road (no worries, I kept an eagle-eye on him and frankly, cars are few and far between on that road).

Saturday night Scott and I went out for a date – headed to Old Town again, had a long dinner at this German place (great sides, not-that-great meats, although the sausages were great and rouladen was yummy) then saw The Town.  Which was good, but Ben Affleck bothers the living crap outta me plus some of the dialogue was so bad it made us crack up.  But!  Solid acting all around and a decent script, so it was a good night 🙂  Um, until we got home to a screaming toddler and spent most of the night trying to cajole him back to sleep.

 Sunday we had a special birthday dinner (this month includes my birthday as well as Scott’s and my father-in-law’s, busy busy!) and had more family over, it was a blast.  Peter got to spend some quality time with his cousins Duncan and Morgie.

 And then we played a quick game of peek-a-boo before heading back to Larryville to start out this week (and PS, but seriously: when do kids start to tire of this game?  Because the mom, she is tired of this game.  A little.  I must admit).

 This face, however, I thankfully will never tire of.

That’s it folks!  OH ONE LAST THING – got a Belgian waffle maker for the birthday, it rocks (already broke it in by making classic waffles with powdered sugar and strawberries for din-din tonight, be jealous).  Expect to see a waffle-recipe post in the near future, I think I’ll get quite a bit of use out of this thing…



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  1. Sounds like a great birthday! Is it possible for your son to look anymore like his father? If I didn’t know better, I would bet money that Scott produced that kid all by himself.

    • Tell me about it girl – I did all the work and there is not a bit of me in that kid! Well, maybe some personality, he can be really bratty sometimes 😉 Not everyone can have a BEAUTIFUL child that is a perfect mix of mommy and daddy like miss Jada is!!

  2. Ok- peek a boo… Cason is 2 yrs & 3 months old – STILL PLAYING IT while he starts to dress himself. It is a WHOLE NEW MEANING when it entails a toddler learning to dress himself in the morning!!!

  3. Don’t invest in editing software — look into GIMP. It has a ton of the same features as photoshop, just a slightly different set up and it’s free. Or you can always drop like $70 on Photoshop Elements, which has pretty much everything you need to edit pics. Not like your pics really need it though! 🙂

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