Week in Review – 12 Sept 2010

 Another busy week around for us (not like I am ever complaining).

Busy week, and next week will be even busier – Scott’s in the office in KC next week, I’m working long hours as well.  But hey – job security, right?   Plus being busy means the week goes by that much more quickly. 🙂

So back to this past week.  The fun really started when the weekend hit.  We had a weekend at home, so we decided to hit up the KC Zoo.  The polar bear exhibit is finally open, so we were able to check that out – pretty cool, folks!  They did a great job laying it out and we had a blast bear-watching.

Peter was just as content to just hang out in the lower level and look at the water.

It is official – Peter is OBSESSED with any animal of the feline/panther variety.  Cheetahs, leopards, tigers, black-footed cats…  All the same reaction, the full-face, double-chin grin with some combination of screaming/laughing/singing.  Sometimes pointing too.  Ah, for the love of the kittehs. 

That includes lions.  We spent a good chunk of time watching the big cats.

Beyond that, the Zoo is good for wearing out a kid.  Run run run and explore explore explore, that’s the way of the toddler.

We stopped to have a drink and a snack a few times as well.  Okay, and these things?  Highly addicting.

After the Zoo, we stopped to visit some friends and their new, darling little baby girl.  Prettiest thing I ever did see, dad better invest in a shotgun now 😉   After that we hit up the nearest park to stop and have dinner, picnic-style. 

And of course, we can’t stop at the park without swinging.  Peter’s working on his form with the big-kid swing.  He does pretty well, even rocks appropriately to get his momentum going.  As we have learned though, he only makes it for a few minutes before bailing out (and by bailing out, I mean: falling on his face).

Sunday Doots woke up with a fever and sniffles, ah joy.  Scott headed to KC to hang out with Paulo (yep, football widow, I am part of that club) so Doots and I were on our own.  We got a ton done, too – played, picked up a little, made cookies, and while he napped I cleaned the bathroom, floors, and polished up the furniture.  Not too shabby, right?  After his marathon nap, we headed to the Haskell Indian Art Market.  We caught it just in the last hour they were open, but it was enough time for us to check out the sights, ogle pretty pretty jewelry, and enjoy an Indian taco.

Even with a fever and not feeling well, Peter was a trooper and insisted on pulling out his bubble stuff when we got back.  So we stopped to play in the yard for a while. 

We headed back in and sorting some baby clothes from the 12 boxes in the attic (wut?  So I have a teeny bit of a baby-clothing obsession) for the upcoming JBF sale.  I have about 3 boxes-worth to sell, and need to have everything tagged and ready to go by… Wednesday.  During a busy work week, yeah, so wish me luck (may be a few late nights).

And that’s all she wrote!  Will be back later in the week to check in, no wories.  Everyone have a wonderful week!


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