Midnight Munchies

When I was the brand-new mother of a brand-new baby, I (like any other mother in the world) was up a lot, at all hours, feeding and changing and rocking my baby.   Happily, I should add, but still.  Up.  A lot.  And ravenously hungry, because I was nursing.  But what kind of food is tasty, somewhat healthy, and doesn’t require prep/reheating at 3am?

Trail mix, that’s what. 

Okay, actually I’ll admit there are plenty of other goodies out there that would fit the bill, but to me there is nothing like some salty, chocolatey, crunchy snack mix.  Especially when all I need is a few handfuls eaten all bleary-eyed before zonking back out until the next feeding.  I first saw this idea on a blog somewhere (I can’t remember where, but when I find it I will link up), and it was perfect.  Crackers, M&Ms, pretzels, maybe some nuts.  What could be bad about that?

A friend of mine just had a darling baby girl, and I thought this mix would be a nice little treat to give to her, something to bring a little something to look forward to at those 3am feedings (I mean, other than that sweet little girl curled up in her lap, that is).  🙂



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  1. I AM TOTALLY STEALING THIS IDEA FOR FUTURE BABY SHOWER/ NEW BABY GIFTS!!! You are awesome!! Have you cracked the traveling book yet? And dont forget about my GIVEAWAY going on my blog!! http://thehappyhortons.blogspot.com/2010/08/keep-them-running-in.html
    ! Make sure to check it out and link it to others!!!

    • The Traveling Book is 2nd in queue, right behind my book-club book, but I am on it shortly I promise 🙂 Hope all is well girlie, and that you get that doggie running partner soon. And yeah, I need to click out of my Reader more often and actually comment on things, thanks for the reminder 😉

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