Week in Review – 22 Aug 2010


 The Week, List-Style

Things My Kid Can Say, The Most-Used List:
1) Dah-Dah, Mahhhhm, Dun-Duh (Daddy, Mommy, Fanta, his “second mommy” daycare provider)
2) Dee-Dee (kitty)
3) Bai (good-bye)
4) NAH NAH NAH NAH (um, hell no woman)

Weird Things My Child Is Doing These Days:
1)  Asks you to sit down and join him in the living room by repeatedly beating a chair or couch, while squawking and giving you The Look.
2) Squirrels away Cheerio stashes throughout the house, in random places (his toy tool chest, his dutch oven, a decorative bowl on the coffee table).
3) Insists on me holding him up to the canvas on the wall of his 6-month-old self, so he can tickle the baby’s toes.
4) Runs everywhere with his arms straight behind his back, pretending it is his superhero cape.  This is usually preceded by him dramatically pointing to some imaginary cat-in-tree ahead of him before flying off to help.

Injuries My Child Sustained When I Tried to Run Up To His Room to Put Something Away, Quickly:
1) Wipeout on step he was scaling at the moment
2) Fell the (3 or 4?) HARDWOOD steps to the bottom (also hardwood by the way) 
3) Small scratch and bruise on temple
4) Huge lump on back of head
5) Bruised ego

Things My Child Will Eat:
1) Potatoes (his favorite)
2) Pretty much anything else
3) Including baby powder

Things My Child Will Not Eat:
1) Sometimes he decides he doesn’t like Cottage Cheese
2) Yeah, that’s pretty much it

Yummy New Things I Tried This Week (bought and home-baked):
1) These chocolate-chip cookies
2) Pancakes with Trader Joe’s Mini-Peanut-Butter Cups baked into them
3) Creamy Chicken Enchiladas with Cheesy Mexican Rice
4) DQ’s grilled-cheese sandwich
5) Half of a large jar of Claussen Halved Pickles

What I Encountered on my Morning Runs This Week:
1) A rickety old farmhouse-style cabinet, on someone’s curb, that I then dragged the six blocks back to our house.
2) Nikki!  Who is now my new Thursday-morning running partner
3) A crazy homeless man wielding rusty lawn equipment, which he whipped out from behind his back as I got near and then shook in my face as I ran past, shrieking at me, “NEED SOME HELP WITH YOUR LAWN LADY?!?”.  Er, I am glad I swerved to run in the street at the last minute.
4) A very scratchy sidewalk and partial front lawn that did a nice number on my shins – about 2 blocks after the homeless man incident – which I fell into after I jumped skiddishly away from a large piece of shrubbery (paranoid that it was harboring additional rusty-lawn-equipment-wielding homeless people).
5) Only guess what: it wasn’t.  It was just a rabbit.

Things I Strongly Considered Purchasing, Given The Above Two Lists:
1) A Gym Membership to a place open at 5am
2) More Claussen pickles

Memorable Moments of the Week:
1) Peter turned in his completed book list to the city library, and got his name on the Wall of Awesomeness
2) We headed downtown for BuskerFest.  For about 30 minutes, then the sky opened up and it there was a monsoon.  We headed back to do it again after the rain, but then it came back and drowned out things for good.  BuskerFest officially over.
3) Attended Maddie’s 2nd birthday party.  Peter chased the family cats around the house until they almost had kitty heart attacks (my sincerest apologies for that, Alaina)
4) Mom and Doots had a date day
5) Swam in the Chi O fountain, had some ice cream downtown, worked in the yard,enjoyed a nice dinner at Free State, worked on Pete’s Halloween costume and OH MY GOSH I FINISHED MY BOOK CLUB BOOK IT’S A MIRACLE.

Things That, In Hindsight, I Might Not Have Done This Week:
1) Insisted on running upstairs to Pete’s room to put something away, quickly
2) Chose Mass St. as my ideal 5am running route
3) Got myself worked up because of a rabbit in a shrub
4) Ate half of that jar of pickles in one sitting
5) Bought that 50-cent play Dyson vacuum for Peter at a rummage sale, as he uses it to happily scratch up my hardwoods oh, approx. 37 times a day…

Later gators.



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  1. CLAUSSEN Pickels. We are weirdly on the same wavelength! Two weeks ago we ate the bejesus out of that jar of pickles between the two of us. And we wondered where they have been all of our lives.

    Love the blog!

    • Girl, I read that and then noticed them on sale at the grocery store that week, figured it was Fate talking and got some. YUMMY.

      This week I made refrigerator pickles from our insane yard stash of cukes. We’ll see if they compare (doubtful).

  2. Do you ever get the ginormous pickles from Jimmy John’s? I had one with dinner tonight…and one with lunch yesterday….I have a small fixation with the pickles lately. Mmmmmm……

    Considering that perhaps I should invest in a JJ’s franchise 🙂

  3. I you Nems. 🙂 Sounds like a great week!

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