Weekly Update 08.01.10

We are going to come full circle today, begin and end with a picture of the kid eating vegetables. Random, I know. He’s got a weird thing for insisting on eating them whole these days, so there are pictures galore on the hard drive.

Speaking of the little guy, he is starting to look so much bigger. When he was a baby and I dressed him like a little man, he looked funny and cute and still like a baby. Now when I dress him that way, with all the walking and getting leaner stuff, the baby has entirely disappeared.

We had a nice cheese tray to welcome Mad Men back from their hiatus. I also made these delish tomato-and-eggplant stacks. Ah, Sunday nights are so much nicer again.

Peter has discovered our bed as a whole new playground, he likes to burrow under the blankets and make tunnels, toss pillows around, flop around and jump with glee. Oh, hurray. Just waiting for the day we take him to UrgentCare for stitches.

Because that time is not too far, I predict. Already he is fearless, climbing and jumping on the couch and on the club chair and on his own little chair. He gets lots of shiners to prove it. Here’s the latest one, AN HOUR after he bumped his head he still kind looked like sloth in the forehead region:

Friday work was dead, I was in between deadlines, so my boss told me just to head home. Woohoo! Scott has off work on Fridays so we had a “date afternoon”, had a long lunch and saw a movie. Inception. It was (1) well written, (2) well acted, and most of all (3) whoa, but the men were well dressed. Good tailoring goes a long way, I was almost distracted by the sharp suits.
Not in a bad way.

Scott also hit a major milestone while we were at lunch, hold on to your hats – he finished his World Beer Tour, that’s 110 beers for the uninformed. It took many years and many many trips (I mean, come on – we’ve been here since 1999) but he finally did it. He gets his name engraved on the Hall of Fame plaque on the wall. Fist pump! And I must say, we’ve had many fond memories at this particular restaurant as Scott worked to his new title, it’s our go-to spot when we head to the movies on that side of town. I think we’ll probably be back, even though the prize has been won.

Saturday was devoted to my friend Julie’s baby shower. Jules and I co-hosted at her house, and it was a blast. Just a few pictures from the day – first off the cake, Jules ordered it and it was adorable. The baker matched it to Julie’s nursery bedding. We did all the colors for the shower around her nursery.

We made onesies for part of the decoration – I had trouble making these the first time and had to buy all new supplies to give it a second shot. Luckily, second time was the charm for me…

Our Baby Shower Bingo was a little more tongue-in-cheek than the usual πŸ˜‰

Our other tongue-in-cheek, the favors – everybody got our own version of those girl baby flower-headband thingies.

Yeah I don’t know why Stacey is throwing gang-signs here, either.

The mother-to-be is a dip-lover, so we made several different dips, lots of dippers, and also made 10 homemade pizzas. We got pizzas as we figured everybody needed to carb-load, because…

We had a nice citrus-y cocktail (and sodas for the non-drinkers).

Got home a little late from that one, yep. Good times!

The next morning Peter was up nice and early, we made a special breakfast of real cinnamon toast and fruit salsa. Fruit salsa leftover from the baby shower. I have a lot of onion dip too. Just sayin’. Anyway, from our breakfast baking, Peter liked licking the cinnamon-sugar-vanilla butter the best.

We spent Sunday cleaning and catching up on chores and laundry, but found some time to head to campus for our regular Chi O fountain dip (which we missed on Friday). Unfortunately: they are doing a lot of work over there, on the drainage system on Jayhawk Boulevard, so the fountain is off. Drained. Kaput. That didn’t stop Peter from running at it at full tilt, arms out ready for an embrace, his beloved fountain. Unfortunately he had to comfort himself with just a campus walk instead.

I don’t think he really minded. He ran around all over the place, and made us walk all the way down (and then Scott had to carry him back up, hiking those bajillion stairs the entire way up) the Hill.

Okay, so he has gone up a shoe size officially. It is kind of a bummer but, also means that (1) he finally fits those cute Reefs well and walks confidently in them, and (2) I can go shoe shopping. So far there are three pairs on their way via UPS.

And so we are back to the veggies, so you know it is the end. Hope that everyone had as lovely a weekend as we did – see you again soon πŸ™‚

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  1. Apparently starving Stacey = Gang sign throwing Stacey ready to attack the food.

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