Weekly Update 7.25.10

Things to note since we last updated (what, three days ago?):


  • Scott and I each in turn got the sucky cold that Doots was spreading around. Yay.
  • Only: Doots still has a rattling chest, and it’s been a week, so we’re probably off to see the doctor tomorrow. Double yay.
  • We spent some quality time outside (even with the insanely hot temps; we were able to sneak it in before the thunderstorms on Saturday evening). The activity sprinkle-mat-thingie did just the trick.
  • For both of the guys.
  • I did approximately a dozen loads of laundry.
  • We hit up yard sales and I got maybe 4 yards of this vintage 1980-something Star Wars fabric. Hysterical! Now what to do with it…
  • We also hit up the Farmers Market, and got these lovely blackberries. All three of us ate about a third of the pint, in the car, on the drive home…
  • I did two separate craft projects for an upcoming baby shower I’m cohosting: one successful, one not really too successful. Tomorrow is another day, so try try again on the second one…
  • We enjoyed some bubble time in the yard.
  • If you click on the image and zoom in on the next one, you can see me in the bubble…
  • We made cookies, just got the itch to bake. They were fantastic.
  • I got my hairs did and in a moment of weakness, I got bangs. I’ve been swiping distractedly at my forehead ever since because OMG THERE’S HAIR TOUCHING TOUCHING TOUCHING AND ITCHY AAAAAAAAH. I’ll get used to it soon. I hope.
  • Our tomatoes are almost, almost ready for picking.
  • I want these shoes. In blue. Badly.
  • Our boy has developed a deep fondess for The Sads. He utilizes The Sads whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, it involves (1) making Sad Face, (2) calling the Waaaaah-mbulance, and (3) holding his hand to his eye in a sad manner while clutching his blanket. In a pinch, any household blanket within reach will do.

  • See ya next week.


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