Estes Park: Day 3

Day 3.

I am sad to report that yet again – a pretty rainy day. We didn’t get to spend a ton of time outside, but we did make the most of what we had.

The day started out pretty nice, very sunny and just a tad chilly. No bother, Peter’s grandpa bought him a sweatshirt the day before, so we were ready for the morning. After breakfast we hit up the playground near our lodge, we spent quite a bit of time there.

We are still trying to figure out the slide. It isn’t pretty, but he does make it down without seriously maiming himself.

Sah-weet: sidewalk chalk.

After that we checked out the sand ” box” area, there was a little sand-house there.

After much contemplation, we decided to move into the sand-house permanently. You can see all the action from here.
And dad will bring cold beverages on demand.

I will miss that curly baby hair so much when it’s gone.

Practicing for his career in modeling.

Mom and Doots – best chums to the end.

On second thought, mommies are embarrassing get off of me.

Wait nevermind I changed my mind. Hoooooooold me.

After park time, we headed back to the room for a quick nap and then met up with the Chaneys downtown for some lunch at El Cherino’s. We also did a little more shopping afterwards.

After denying the poor thing yesterday, Scott broke down today and bought Peter a toy snake. He showed his appreciation by gnawing on it all afternoon. Did I mention he’s teething?

We got bing cherry ice cream from a little shop downtown and stepped outside only to discover: it had started raining. Woohoo. So we made a mad dash for the car and Peter enjoyed his ice cream from the comfort of his carseat while we headed home.

You know what’s super fun? Running up and down the hallway, trying to fit the keys into random doors on our hall. I bet our neighbors all appreciate that.
We spent A LOT of quality time in our room while it rained. Ah well, vacations are about relaxing right? We got some quality naps and playtime in, so it wasn’t a big loss.

Peter likes to play with my rolling luggage. That’s what he’s been doing most of the afternoon.

PS – the balloon died days ago but Peter still plays with it.
Um. And I bought Peter the most awesome shirt evah when we were shopping downtown today: Ta Da! Isn’t it just the best? No wardrobe is complete without a shirt emblazoned with wolves howling at the moon, right? I mean, I know there are only 2 wolves, but he is only a toddler.
Around the time we hit the dining hall it was STILL RAINING, but soon after we finished it stopped. We took advantage and spent the early evening walking around some of the campus, checking out the main lodge and all the sport courts/fields.

Peter really wanted to join the b-ballers.

That’s it kids. We had another family evening get-together (picked the next reunion spot: San Diego) and Scott’s off playing poker with his cousins (or 2nd cousins, or something…). Anyhoo. We’ll check back in sometime tomorrow.

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