Father’s Day 2010

Time to blog about Father’s Day! Here is a link to last year, when the Doots was pretty new and while we played it cool, we were a little overwhelmed and still trying to figure out how in the heck to work this little wormy thing into our lifestyle. Also, Scott got pewped on. Bad. That didn’t happen this year, thank goodness…

This year was pretty low key – I got up with Peter at his usual ungodly hour of waking, and we were two happy buds hanging out together. We spent some time chilling at home, in the basement office, far enough away as to let dad get some much needed rest. Please note: that mess on the floor was created in approximately 30 seconds.

After breakfast and play time, Peter and I headed out to run some errands. We picked up a new Father’s Day card for Scott (I bought one like WAY EARLY, stuck it in my desk drawer at work for safe keeping so Scott wouldn’t find it, then – shockingly – left it at work). We had other stuff to check out too though, like baskets for Peter’s toy organization and some recycling containers, so off to Wal-Mart we went.

So as a side note, we bought one of those recordable cards for daddy for Father’s Day? And I swear, Peter yells and babbles and carries on in the car like a crazy person. I thought it would be dead easy to record a personal baby-babble message in the car. Only: every darn time I got the card set up and shoved it in Pete’s face (at every single red light while we toodled around town), he’d completely clam up and just stare at it. Great. I think I was able to record something but it was rather weak. Better luck later, I say. Plenty of time for a re-do.

While out we also picked up some donuts from our most favorite local bakery, Muncher’s. We got to the front and Peter absolutely lost it at the donut counter, he squealed and hooted and pointed happily at all the donuts in the case, while bopping around all dancey-style. Only: I was busy giving our order to the woman behind the counter and paying. Peter thought I was ignoring him and he would not get donuts, so he did his “performance art” version of temper tantrum: he silently laid down in front of the donut case, looking at me forlornly. Much preferred to a Classic Tantrum, and also hilarious. I turned around to see several college kids and a family casually stepping over Doots while he played dead on the floor. Awesome.

We made a pot of the “good” coffee (i.e., the good stuff, real had-to-be-ground-at-the-roastery stuff, not the everyday Folgers we keep in the cabinet) and then got dad up and gave him his gifts. He is going to pick out a burner for brewing on his own (I do not have the skillz for that sort of purchase myself), and Peter made him a board book with pictures of them together. Scott usually does the bedtime routine which includes reading time, so it was a good gift. Peter then went on to read the book in the car, as we drove off to do some shopping and have a nice dinner out.

PS – I put a sweet pair of driving mocs on Peter for the occasion. I suspect they are girl shoes, but I make him wear them anyway.

We ordered a new fridge (uh, again), then headed to Target and the Legends. We took Scott out to Yard House for some food, his most favorite spot there.

Peter colored and hit on waitresses while we enjoyed a beer and some good food. The boys posed for what will undoubtedly be the Annual Father’s Day Restaurant Photo.

Before we headed home, Scott showed Pete the awesome keg system at the restaurant. We spotted a Free State keg back there…

Then we headed home for the day. Also of note: Peter barrelled into the bedroom that day, squealing and calling out “Daddy!”. Maybe no more ‘dada’ from here on out? At any rate, he picked a perfect day to start with the daddy talk 🙂


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  1. He is just adorable! Those shoes look boyish enough to me =) Happy Father's Day!

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