Things I Love Thursday

Bedazzler Sculpture
Terrible name for a beautiful sculpture. This sapling structure was built up on campus last year, right outside of Spooner Hall. It is made of silver maple saplings twined around a dying tree. It’s also temporary, expected disintegrate of its own accord after a few years of Kansas weather. A pity, because I adore that thing – it looks like something out of Where The Wild Things Are. Will have to get some shots of it myself before it is gone.

DIY Paper Chandelier
I made Peter’s baby mobile myself; it was a lot of hand-sewing and balancing out on branches to get it right. I still love it, but if I knew about this little paper DIY project, I probably would have done it instead (well, except obviously with birds). For one, much more compact. And done with paper, which would be easier to work with. And the look is so airy and bright and modern, and oh! I love it.

Mad Men Barbie Dolls
You know that you’ve officially Made It when they make dolls in your likeness. Mad Men Barbies!

Grilled Cheese with Onion Jam and Escarole
Scott got a giant hunk of taleggio to go on our cheese tray this past weekend, and we still have a lot left. I plan to use the leftovers to give this recipe a shot – a nice vegetarian addition to our menu and seriously, but how good does that sound? Cannot wait to give it a shot.

You didn’t hear a lot about Alexander McQueen’s passing, and that kind of surprised me given the fact that he is one of the better known designers in this day and age. A lot of his work was Out There and Fantastical, and I’d be lying if I said he was one of my favorite designers (I’m more of a Chloe gal). However, there was no denying that the man was immensely talented. His final line is beautifully detailed and precise. RIP, Mr. McQueen. You will be greatly missed in the fashion industry.


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