Things I Love Thursday

One week, my pretties. Then it will be all the awesome bargain goodness that a mom (or mom-to-be) could ever hope for! If there happens to ever be one of these sales in your area, I highly recommend you check it out. The one in Overland Park is fantastic, but the others I’ve tried out aren’t too shabby, either.

Edward Piiiillow!
Oh my gosh this pillow, it slays me. I get the giggles every time I see it. I am not sure if it is the pillow itself or how seriously that woman takes her modeling. Etsy never lets me down with giving me not only with the cool, but the bizarre.

This recipe is quick (score!), easy, and it’s super-duper delicious. The salmon is a simple preparation but it pairs well with the smashed potatoes and pearl onions, which are just WOW such great flavors going on with the caramelized onions and the lemon. A good one to file away and use some random Friday when you don’t know what to make…

Oh, I have been thinking about these cinnamon rolls lately. They trump any other cinnamon roll I have ever had anywhere, ever. Even my own (and I have a pretty good recipe). They are big and puffy and soft, with thick cinnamon layers and a not-too-sweet icing. Best served warm, with a pat of butter on top. Mmmmm. And arrrrrgh, I wish we had a Braums nearby.

Sixteen and Pregnant
If you are unaware, this is an MTV-produced documentary series following the lives of teenage girls who find themselves… wait for it… pregnant. I really do love this show, it is addicting in a “you are watching a trainwreck” kind of way, the girls are usually clueless and slightly bratty and, at best – their boyfriends are scared out of their ever-living minds. Some episodes are funny and some are sad, and some are downright heartbreaking – the first season’s finale followed a very rational, smart, and sweet teenage couple who gave up their baby for adoption.

At the end, when she gave birth, the nurses tried to get them hold or look at the baby, maybe say good bye, but they just hid their faces and sobbed that couldn’t do it and oh my gosh, maybe it was because Peter was like 6 weeks old when I saw it, but I have never cried like that in regards to a television show. Ever. So anyhoo, you should try to catch it. I know it’s on MTV, but it’s worth it.


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