Things I Love Thursday

Milton’s Coffee (David’s Blend)
They serve up great coffee at our favorite little breakfast spot in Lawrence. Now this should also partially be a shout-out to Milton’s, period, as their food is just amazing. And while you have to wait an hour on the weekends to get a table, it is worth every minute. You check in at the host station to get your name on the list, and then weave your way through the throngs of people to the noisy, busy coffee station. Thick white ceramic cups keeping warm on top of the grinder, pots of several different blends on the counter, coffee accompaniments to your right. You get to enjoy some stellar coffee while you stand around waiting for a table.

They buy their coffee from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company out of California, a great little free trade roastery. David’s Blend is just my absolute favoritest coffee of all time, slightly nutty with a faint, barely-there hint of something else I can’t quite pinpoint (coconut? chocolate? er, something? obviously I missed my calling as a sommelier). It’s divine with some sugar and a generous splash of cream. I enjoy about half a dozen cups of this stuff in the time it takes to get seated and polish off a plate of Milton’s famous French toast. Sooooo goooood.

The Urban Thimble Onesies
I think we all know by now how much I enjoy the shopping for the clothes of the Young One. I can be a wee bit picky, too: I like urban hipster, I like classic, and I looooove quirky. So: check out this frog onesie. It’s bright and fun and I adore appliqués. Those googly eyes! I think meh babeh needs that.

The Weary Kind
I must preface this by saying I am not a fan of country music. It is just Not My Style. I know who Carrie Underwood is and I can sing the words to Friends in Low Places, but that’s about the extent of my county-music knowledge. It’s all just a bit too… plunky? twangy? for my tastes. Anyhoo. So we saw Crazy Heart this past weekend. The song that was created for the movie is The Weary Kind and while I am not a fan of country (AGAIN NOT A FAN) I have to admit this one has been running through my head and I *may* have even listened to it online a few times since. It’s just that it’s, well, very pretty; and not at all in a “my ex stole my dog and then trashed my pickup” kind of way. More of an old-school country, maybe. Me likey, at any rate.

Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams
Yum yums in our tum tums. Lately, after a long day, Peter and I snuggle into the club chair with a box of these little bunnies. And it doesn’t take us long to polish off a box. Aside from being organic and made with lots of whole grains and blah blah blah healthypants, they are also deliciously, deeply chocolate.

Decorating Obsessed Blog
Ashley happens to be hosting our cooking club tonight, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was – at least in part – attending this one in order to see her house in person, and take in all those awesome DIY projects. Well, that and I’m excited to sample all the dips we’re feasting on this evening. And see my girls. And the wine, let’s not forget the wine…


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