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The Hurt Locker
The Oscar noms are out! Scott and I try to see as many of the Best Picture nominees as possible before the awards, and this year we have our work cut out for us: they upped the number of nominees from five to ten. TEN. And the only one viewed before the nominations came out was Up, eeks. On Tuesday evening we found ourselves with nothing to do (rarity!), so we rented The Hurt Locker. Um: great film, but I basically chewed all my nails off. It essentially is the story of an elite Army “bomb squad” in Iraq, we’ll leave it there and let you see it for yourselves. Jeremy Renner was superb. Not a lot of dialogue but man his acting was visceral. Great performances all-around in this one, actually. And the only other movie I’ve seen Renner in was National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, so let’s just say he’s really proven himself since that one.

Panera Iced Green Tea
I loooove this stuff, although I rarely drink it. It used to be my Sunday treat: if I worked out and ate well all week long, on Sundays I let myself drive on over to Panera and get a large iced green tea. I mean, not like it was some big calorie-packed beverage, it was actually pretty low calorie. But it was delicious, and if I was good I could have it’s awesome, icy, melon-flavored tea goodness. YUM. Now that I’m trying to enact better eating/exercising habits, I started up this reward system again.

Viva La Juicy Perfume
I am monogamous with perfumes, like I find one and one only and I wear it for a long long long time. Before this one, I think I’ve worn six perfumes my entire lifetime, and that’s counting Benetton Colors and Baby Soft when I was a little tween girl (and we all know those don’t really count). Well, that’s kind of a lie because I do keep a bottle of Chanel Mademoiselle that I only wear on special occasions – and when I catch a whiff, immediately reminds me of family weddings, and that trip to Chicago, and our own wedding, and special nights out and being in the hospital with a newborn Peter and basically just happy times all around). I don’t think that counts though. For the most part, I am all about long-term, meaningful perfume relationships.

So. I got this perfume as a sample when I made a random Sephora order, and never thought I’d actually like it. I mean, really, just look at the packaging. I owned a pair of juicy sweats back in the day when they were popular. The outfit was garishly pink and fitted in the waist/thigh/butt and just screamed for attention. Most Juicy Couture apparel is like that. So I was shocked that the scent was not some overpowering monster of a thing – the scent sticks around all day, but is very… light, and mellow? Discreet, if you can believe it? I really like it, it smells like vanilla and cotton candy with just a wee hint of floral. And it vaguely reminds me of Alfred Sung’s Spa, which I wore for YEARS, like all through high school. So I ended my 9-ish-years-old relationship with Dior J’Adore, and have taken up with Viva La Juicy.

Nursing Tanks from Target
Seriously: if you ever need nursing gear, get thyself to the nearest Target. I have lived in these tanks since I had the baby. Like, literally, I wear them during the day and I wear them to bed at night and I rarely put on a normal nursing bra. They come in several neutral colors (I can wear them with any shirt/sweater and they work fine, look like any other cami or tank). Plus they fit well, and are comfy, and take a million washes without falling apart or showing wear, stay latched but are easy to open/close… They just plain rock all around. They keep me nice and toasty when pumping, which I love – it can get mighty cold in the office lactation room. I am actually going to be bummed when I stop nursing, because it means retiring these suckers.

Kanye West Katrina Benefit Video
I had heard that Kanye wasn’t invited to the Haiti telethon, after how he acted at the Katrina telethon? And then I heard that was just a rumor. But it did remind me of how much I looooooved Kanye’s moronic preaching at the telethon, and in prompted me to go look at it for the first time in ages. I forgot my insane, mad love for it – I mean I sat there with my hands over my face giggling madly. He goes on about… well, it’s hard to tell because he rambles and does a terrible job when he goes off script. Then he blurts out that Bush doesn’t like black people. I mean really, if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was an SNL skit. Mike Meyers looks like he wants to die, and Chris Tucker’s eyeballs about pop out of his eye sockets afterwards. Awesome.

I need to add it to my Favorites folder of “video pick me ups” (that I watch when I’m having a bad day; what you don’t do that?). It deserves to be filed away with my undying love for the ‘Beedus and that boy who rocks out in the Yo Gabba Gabba clip.

Here, watch. And die laughing.


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  1. okay you don't know me but I found your blog from a link on the 'Better After' blog. Thank you for posting this I don't think I've ever seen the actual footage. I am literally crying I am laughing so hard. That is definitely a favorite now.

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