Weekend Update 01.31.10 BLOG HIJACK OH NOES.

Hiya! Baby Peter here. My dad is busy cleaning the kitchen and my mom is off “finally having some ‘me’ time”. They are too busy this week to do any weekly update. So I hijacked the blog and thought I’d fill you in. Grab a few graham crackers and settle in.

We were busy this week. I went to daycare and mom and dad worked their tails off. Mom had book club and I tagged along, where my Houdini impression failed miserably. Everybody was ready for the weekend.

Friday was nice and cozy – I had dinner with mom and dad and then went to bed, and Uncle Paul stopped by for a minute to talk and pick up his calendar. My mom actually didn’t hear him at the door (noisily doing dishes), so Paul had to knock and knock and knock and finally send a text message to dad (who was upstairs with me), begging someone to let him in before he turned into a Paulsicle.

I was all “hey man, long time no see!”, and then talked him into coming over for the SuperBowl next weekend. Sweeeeeet: party with the Paulster.

Saturday morning we went downtown. We had breakfast at Miltons, yummy pancakes and home fries and sausage. Then we went to The Toy Store and poked around before heading home. A big thumbs up from me!

The rest of the day was just how I like it, too – lots of playing. Mom also sewed me some new bibs, because I am too slobby for normal-sized bibs. Which reminds me: I should practice being more neat while eating.

Saturday night was the KU/K-State game. It was a nail-biter, but KU won it in the end! Let me re-create what we did to Silo Tech’s ego by snapping this graham cracker in half.

Sunday morning mom and I went out to do some grocery shopping. As she put me on her hip to head into the grocery store, I decided to try head-butting, which is something I had only heard of from other babies before that time. Let me tell you: I am never trying that again. My mom got a big cut on her upper lip (she had blood all over her mouth, gross) and I got a big, purple, tooth-shaped indention in my forehead. We ran right to the grocery store restroom where we sat at the sink and tried to clean ourselves up with scratchy paper towels.

Here, let me show you what happened: KAH-BOOOSH. Then I screamed and mom had the bleeds. We still did the shopping though, because we are hardcore like that.

The afternoon was better! I supervised while dad brewed a new batch of beer, and mom cleaned and did more sewing and played with me.

I napped really nicely, too. I was a super good baby and laughed and played and got into cabinets and drawers (and then my dad babyproofed? Boo). And then it was time to start the bedtime routine, and get ready for another week.

Well, I should probably sign off. Hope you guys all have a good week! Many sloppy baby kisses and head butts! Bye bye!

PS: my mom also made robot cookies, which she said she will post another day. Here is a shot of me being a cannibal, gobbling up my fellow robots. YUMMEH YUMMEH ROBOTS NMMPF NOM NMMPF NMMPF..


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