Weekend Update 01.24.10

This week has been awesome!
Okay no, maybe not awesome. But alright, which is better than not-good. Work has been busy, I had a client from IEEE visiting so I spent most of the week worrying/prepping for it. Peter was teething and I swear, not to get too graphic but I was changing his diaper every hour or so and still had to change ruined outfits 2-3 times a day. Scott has been sick, with strep. Fun times. I guess I should mention that we had our dishwasher fixed, which oh yes – that seriously kinda made my month. I forgot how it was living without one.

Friday I was ready for a break and serendipitously, Nikki happened to be in town. We had a night downtown, dinner and drinks at Yokohama then ice cream as a nightcap. Fantastic! I needed some Nikki Time.
Saturday was kinda lazy, although we did get a lot done given the lounging around that we did. Scott repaired the shower*. I shopped for supplies to re-start the renovation of the office. I started laundry, and ironed fabrics for bibs/window treatments, and framed up some things for the office (as a totally awesome side note: I had mat cut, then got home and realized my dimensions were off by HALF AN INCH. You know, too big. So had to buy new matting. Yay me). Scott researched recipes for this insanely huge pork roast I scored on sale at the grocery store. Six glorious pounds of pig! Hoorah.

* So: the shower? The knob kinda sorta snapped off. Yikes. I was never terribly fond of the thing, not like I need something fancy (I mean hell, who’s gonna see it but the homeowners while we are absent-mindedly hurrying through a shower before jetting off to work), but it was kinda dirty and old-looking. So Scott made a run to Ace Hardware and picked up a new shower knob, as well as new shower head while he was at it (um, that had been leaking for awhile, something we’ve both been ignoring in our aforementioned morning rush). Anyhoo. Scott fixed both, Peter supervised. The knob and shower head are both pretty much the same as we had before, so nothing too exciting, but now both are new which is lovely.

Sunday was a blur of cleaning and grocery shopping and sorting more baby clothes to pack away (sometimes I swear all I do is pack up baby clothes on the weekends). Cleaned my closet, made a huuuuuge pot of chili and froze it. I plan on making soup this week too – our deep freeze is kinda empty these days, and my goal this winter/spring is to get more in there for busy days later in the year.

Scott roasted the pork roast Cuban style, marinaded in a Cuban mojo and then he reduced the juices/marinade afterwards to make a tart, garlicky sauce to serve over the meat. Mmmmmm. I made some black beans and rice, and we had a proper Cuban dinner. Lots of meat leftover for Cuban sandwiches this week, too.

Um, and Peter and I took a 3-hour afternoon nap. Don’t judge – he hasn’t been the best sleeper lately, and he and I got *maybe* 4 hours of sleep the night before. So it was needed.

Peter, let’s see – since I last did an update on him, he’s learned all sorts of fun things. He pulls up on anything he can get his hands on – the couch, the ottoman, push toys, his crib, the coffee table, random 2-year-olds that get in his way (in the famous words of Asher at daycare: “Baby Peter nooooooooo! Don’t knock me down!”). He will gloat once he conquers a new summit. Most times he will then promptly fall flat on his face. I am going to be an alcoholic by the time he figures out how to pull up without maiming himself.

Observe: having fun pulling himself around on things.

About 30 seconds later: boo boo city.

We are suspicious that he has learned a word, moaning “ah-buuuuuuuuu!!!” every single time he is tired and wants a bottle. What that translates to, we are not quite sure…

He seems to grasp what “no” means, he responds by looking at you, stopping the “no” activity, and slowly crawling away from the “no” while still watching you to ensure he’s doing the right thing (we are enjoying it while it lasts, yes, because I am aware that this is extremely short term). He laughs hysterically while he jams his fingers into your mouth and tries to get you to blow to make noises. He is happy and all-around delectable and boy, but he’s already insanely stubborn, too. He comes by that honestly from both sides of his family, so I think we are going to be In For It.

And ceiling fans are still the most fascinating thing on the planet. Weeks later, and he still comes to this conclusion whenever he sees one. Obviously we should be calling Mensa to set up some testing.

He is still fussy about 6pm, ready for some dinner and a warm bath and some soft PJs, then a book/bottle/bed. Also there are two cringe-inducing lumps on his top gums, Scott thinks it means teeth and I am just pretty much totally grossed out, (1) hoping if that’s the case the teeth come in soon so those hideous lumps go away; and (2) praying that it doesn’t mean he will be the next Michael Strahan, because duuuuude. Those are huge, gappy bumps. Oof.
That’s it, folks. Gotta run get some things packed up for tomorrow: I am co-hosting our Book Club tomorrow after work – which, oopsies, kinda forgot about that. Also I have not secured a sitter for the time period during said Book Club (which we are co-hosting at a FREAKING BAR, no less), so Peter will be tagging along. I am officially That Person. Hopefully the fact that we’re buying the first round and appetizers will distract people from the squawky little person munching on baby Cheetos in the corner.

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