Things I Love Thursday

Hiya! It’s late, but I’m doing it. This one doesn’t have a theme, that was not exactly the route I wanted to go anyway. So behold: Things That I Love on This Particular Thursday.

Oxo Candela lights
We were suckers and bought a GloMate for Peter’s room, only to discover (as did many others who bought the thing) that while it looked cool, it died after only a few months of use. Boo. Then I was introduced to these pretty little things, and I am told they have a much, much longer shelf life. And are actually cooler than the GloMate. Awesome. I think Mr. Pete needs the red rocket.

Alice in Wonderland OPI collection
Yay, I love new polish colors! And I have an insane addiction to OPI, so I am always excited when I see a new collection come out. These little colors are Sparkle City, and I like the timing on the theme (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland comes out soon). I only wish that I knew about these colors earlier -how cool would Mad As A Hatter be for a New Years Eve party? I mean, if I had actually gone to a party… I’ll probably pop into JC Penney this weekend to check them out in person.

Herringbone Fabric
It is official – the renovation bug has bitten me again. I blame it on all the reserves of energy I now have because the child only gets up once in the middle of the night (ha!). Anyhoo, where was I… oh, yes. So we’re kinda sorta halfway through renovating our office. Before the baby we painted a nice relaxing Ryegrass on the walls (see on some other room on the Interwebs? Pretty!), much nicer than the previous peachy color. We bought smart new office furniture, and framed up a few pictures in black frames.

Just a few things need to be done to finish, and I’m starting with treatments for the window and door-less closet. Since this will also double as Scott’s personal retreat, we don’t want anything too design-y (and risk looking like a girl touched foot in there at any point). Enter: herringbone. Manly, yet more adult than Scott’s old Led Zeppelin fabric poster type things from his college days. And I really dig the charcoal shade.

Ann Taylor’s Perfect Soft Tote

I am in the market for a new handbag, and this one I LOVE: it’s big and roomy. I like a soft bag, but this one also has some structure which I appreciate (I love my current Balenciaga knock off, I do, but it is such a smooshy shapeless thing which is sadly a little sloppy looking). And the shiny black crocodile print! Love. Oh, Ann Taylor, stop tempting me with your deliciously gorgeous bags.

It is that magical time of year – blood oranges are in season. I love them! They are more tart than your usual orange and have this slightly-raspberry-ish taste to them. They are easier to peel, and they have fewer seeds, and of course have that beautiful deep red interior. Can’t get enough of them this time of year. Go buy some for goodness sake!

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