Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009, baby! Photo Parade below. I hope that all my readers had a safe and wonderful holiday season this year!

The Christmas Eve table, set and ready for us to nosh:

This to me was just the cutest little decorated corner of my parents’ house:

After a dinner of soup and sandwiches it was time to open gifts!

The obligatory “Leah and I take pictures of each other taking pictures on Christmas Eve” shot.

Peter liked Dylan’s cars as much as Dylan.

Mahni and her personalized American Doll!

Someone got a pony from his grandparents for Christmas…

Cowboy doots!

Mahni painted my toes while I opened my gifts. Talk about pampering.

Scott had it reallllllly rough while at my parents’ house (watching the nice big plasma TV in the den, in his lounge-y clothes and slippers. Drinking beer…).

All dressed up for Christmas Mass! We made it, barely. Streets were a little hairy at 6:30am (Pittsburg got sleet and snow the night before).

Jeannie sighting!

Peter and Mahni fit in some quality bonding time. Peter looooooves all her attention, which is good because my dear darling Mahni is a bit baby-obsessed.

Christmas dinner. Yay!

Peter enjoyed some of my hair while everyone else enjoyed some dinner.

Dessert! Cookies and gingerbread and ice cream, mmmm.

The dinner aftermath.

After Kemmeter time, we headed to Nik’s for a few hours to exchange gifts and gab. Then it was off back to Lawrence. A good time all around!


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