Weekend Update 10.11.09

So, it’s getting cold in these parts. Actually a bit colder than usual; we had our first freeze this week, Monday night. Tuesday Peter broke in his cold-weather coat and SUPER AWESOME FUZZY WINTER CAP. Um, I think he didn’t like the hat so much.

Peter turned yet another month old, where are we? Four months? Okay, four months then. In all seriousness: where in the world is all the time going?? Sheesh. So here’s the monthly shot, Peter’s all, “yeah, four months. Old enough for cereal. Bring on the ladies”.

We headed to Halstead for the weekend! Peter got to spend some quality time with grandma, grandpa, and the Haury families. He and Morgan were total kissin’ (2nd) cousins. They were in looooove.

Morgie and her pretty eyes!

Mr. Duncan. Our dear little 2-year-old ring bearer is all grown up!

Lunch time!

We headed home Saturday night. Not only are we still struggling with Peter sleeping at night (so needed the time in his own crib), but he was feverish and snotty and all around not feeling well. Yet another weekend that our Peter was sick. Although I won’t complain – he’s a sweet baby on a good day, but when he’s sick the only thing he wants is hugs and kisses. While you feel bad for the little guy, it’s kinda nice.

By Sunday night he was acting a little more like himself, and hit up the exersaucer before turning in for the weekend. Looks like our guy is feeling much better…


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