Weekend Update 9.14.09

I’m writing this update as well as the 9/07/09 update a few weeks after they both occurred, so they’ll be a bit more to-the-point compared to the usual Weekly Updates…

Grandpa and Grandma Mueller came up for a visit on Saturday. We went to the Indian Art Fair at Haskell, which was a lot of fun. There is always so much to see, lots of jewelry and pottery being sold and Pow Wow dances on the west side of the field. We enjoyed some Indian tacos for lunch while we were there.

That night Scott met up with Paulo to see Murder By Death at The Bottleneck and grab a bite to eat at Free State. They seemed to have a good time. Meanwhile I stayed home with the baby and had my own little good time, making the grocery list and watching movies while eating sushi delivery. Spicy tuna roll, yum! And yes sadly that is not sarcasm; I actually enjoy planning the weekly menu and making the grocery list each week…

Sunday my boys took me out for a day of shopping and a nice dinner, in honor of my birthday. I got a new winter coat and shoes, and tried to find a handbag (couldn’t find one I liked, so we’re still looking for that). Peter (as usual) got some new duds as well. It’s that time of year where all the stores are clearing out their summer apparel, so we got him plenty to wear next summer. Apparently I didn’t get enough raw tuna the night before with my sushi, so I ordered the tuna poke stack for my birthday dinner at The Yard House. Oh my goodness, it was as fabulous as I had remembered (haven’t had that dish in over a year).

So, our birthdays are over for another year. We are thinking of getting a sitter and having a nice birthday dinner Date Night in the near future. Now to just find a good sitter in town…


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