Weekend Update 08.16.09

Well, let’s just say that it was an interesting week and weekend.

On an awesome, thank-the-Lord-finally sort of note: our tomatoes have started to ripen nicely. It took them awhile, given the mild and rainy summer we’ve had. We’ve pulled a ton of the yellow pears, and have had a decent amount of the Green Germans. The Brandwine, well… The birds seem to be enjoying them before we can get too many of them picked, but they are truly good if we can get one of our own! We have a kick-butt recipe for tomato and pasta that we’re going to post in a sec. We’ve made it twice already with the garden tomatoes and man, but we slurp that stuff up. It is fantastic, and uses about 3 lbs. of tomatoes every time we make it. Nice way to use up the garden bounty 🙂

Work was busy all week, for both of us. We are officially in a family weekday routine, Peter off to daycare. Scott off to the basement office. Me off to Allen Press…

I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but Peter’s daycare is in North Lawrence. They have just started construction on the bridge to North Lawrence, it should last well into the winter. And did I mention that the bridge is the only way to get to North Lawrence from town? Sometimes the traffic gets so clogged up trying to get over that bridge, that I will (1) drive across town, (2) get on the turnpike, and (3) take the N. Lawrence exit (paying a quarter)… All just to get to Peter’s daycare in a decent amount of time. It’s somewhat insane and still takes 20 minutes, but hey. Quicker than waiting to get across the brige. Plus: he absolutely ADORES his daycare, and Fanta does such a good job with him. It’s totally worth it if you ask me.

So where was I? Oh yeah. So on to the weekend. On Saturday we hit up the Farmers Market early, bought some heirloom peppers and a few more different types of heirloom tomatoes. We did a nerdy little “heirloom tomato tasting” where we just sliced them up, sprinkled them with salt, and had them for lunch. Mmmmm, sooooo good.

Peter started acting a little under the weather on Saturday, and by the evening he was in full-on illness mode. Lots of stuffy nose and coughing/sneezing, but also vomiting and other stuff which was… not nice. He got a wee bit dehydrated, which made for a long night. Early (early) morn and he was a bit better, thank goodness. As a rare treat, we let the poor little guy sleep in our bed. I think he really enjoyed that…

Sunday we fed him Pedialyte every chance we got, and by the evening he was good as new. Which was nice, because we have another busy week ahead. No rest for the wicked, right??


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