Weekend Update 08.09.09

Our pretty, scenic drive to Halstead!


Okay, I’ve dropped the ball. This is obviously on the blog back-dated about, oh, say, 3 weeks too late… But I have a great excuse! Work, it’s been nutso! And evenings are just too short! And we’ve been super busy I swear! So anyway, I’m sorry. This is way late. I’ll try to type quickly and get it posted for ya.

So, three weeks ago. Hum. Well, work started up again. I went back to the office and was greeted by hundreds upon hundreds of emails (seriously). Deadlines. Found out a client was flying in from the east coast for training the next week… It was lovely. But! Kept me nice and busy, and besides our assistant did an AMAZING job of keeping up while I was away, so I can’t complain much 🙂

Also our boy turned 2 months old officially. TWO MONTHS OLD. How did this happen already, I just had him?!? He wore his Robot romper for the last time, sadly, it was quite tight. He wore that in the hospital and it was swimming on him…

The weekend (8th/9th) was spent in Halstead to visit family, friends, and check out the Halstead annual festival (Old Settlers). We had lots of fun! Peter, however, is not fond of car rides. Now, he usually howls the entire time when we’re toodling around town here and there. So it’s not a new thing. However we hoped he would maybe kick back and enjoy road trips a bit better.

Not so much.

Anyhoo: once in Halstead we first hit up the parade, watched with family. Then we went to visit Scott’s buddy Tim. Saw the Hortons quickly, then back up to the park to visit Grandpa Mueller at the Scouts hamburger stand. It was insanely hot out, and we figured that was not so good for baby, so we headed back to Kris and Alfie’s to cool off and relax a bit.

Scott and I had a quick date that evening, Peter stayed with his grandparents and had a lovely time 🙂 We had dinner and then headed back to the park to see who we could see. Got to watch the fireworks with Cody and Kirsten, us girls caught up a bit which was nice 🙂

Sunday we lounged around and enjoyed time with grandma and grandpa. Dawdled over a late lunch, then back to Lawrence for us. The trip seemed to go by too fast!

That was about it for the week/weekend. Lots of stuff going on, keeping us busy! 🙂

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