Weekend Update 8.02.09

Busy busy week in the Mueller household!

First off and most importantly: the day finally arrived. I was so nervous. Peter started daycare this past Monday.

Why was I so worried about it? Why was I so upset? Everything went fine. And it was sooo nice to have a bit of quiet, to get things done, to take an uninterrupted shower and get dressed nicely and do my hair. I had forgotten how different things are without a baby around! It was refreshing, and I felt back to my old self again. Not to sound like I don’t love the little guy; when I pick him up from daycare, I literally have butterflies I am so excited to see him. But there really is something to be said for getting a piece of your own life back, instead of being 100% engrossed in baby baby baby all the time. Much more healthy for the both of us.

That being said, I still kept him home with me on Wednesday and Thursday.

Scott keeps threatening to make a garden post on here, but since that has yet to happen I’m happy to announce that – our tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen. Scott brought in a bunch of the yellow pears late this week. We also are harvesting the last of the cucumbers (lots and LOTS of cucumbers). Scott got all the potatoes, garlic, and onions out of the plot. Needless to say, we have a nice cellar stash started!

Weekend was busy – Saturday was the baptism (see post here). Sunday I attended a baby shower for Carrie, and pulled together a baby package for my cousin Joy. She’s expecting in September, our boys will be close in age, so I’m super excited! Now if I can only get her package out in the mail sometime soon…

The week ahead: I start back at work. That, my friends, will be hectic. And strange. And wow, hopefully I can keep up! Also we’re off to Halstead next weekend…

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