We kinda dropped the ball on this blog, eh? Well, soon enough it will be used quite a bit, so I’m going to catch everyone up to speed (well, all two of us who look at the thing anyway).

Many things have been going on since we last updated – aside from the usual running around and the holidays and other fun things. Lots of time out with friends, visiting family, and working on the house (the yard is our main objective this spring/summer). In between that, Scott keeps busy with the beer making, I keep busy with the baking…

In late September, we also found out that we are expecting. Baby Robot is due in about a week, so we’re in the home stretch! I actually feel really good, not really that uncomfortable, so I don’t feel that GET IT OUT anxiety that most women have at this stage! Baby will show up when he/she is ready, I can wait. Scott, on the other hand, is a bit more impatient…

I imagine this blog will be updated a bit more in the future – I’m considering shutting down the food blog, it’s already beginning to get ignored. And with a little one bopping around, I’m sure we’ll feel the need to post pictures regularly 🙂

That’s it for now, we should be updating again soon-ish. No more 7-month breaks. Promise.


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  1. Shutting down the food blog!?!?! Say it aint so Nemmie, say it aint so!

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