Yum Yum Fest 2015


Posting before I forget entirely about this little thing.

Months ago, I purchased tickets to Yum Yum Fest. What is Yum Yum Fest, you ask? Well! – Yum Yum Fest is an annual ‘festival’ organized by the Madison Area Chefs Network, to benefit food-related programming for children. The festival features dishes and drinks from ~20-ish of our favorite restaurants/chefs in the Madison Area, at a mere $5 per tasting dish/drink. And there are musical acts throughout the evening to keep you as entertained as the food.

How could we not attend, really? I missed out on tickets last year and was really bummed about it, so we were sure to purchase early this year. Soon enough the weekend was upon us, so we headed out for Central Park…



We got 10 tickets for food, and used 2 on a beer each for Scott and me (hello, do you know us…).  That left 8 for food…  We stuffed ourselves with… (drumroll please…)

(L to R, top): Korean BBQ bowl, Duck-confit-and-roasted-corn risotto (with popcorn shoots), and a plum ice cream push-up.

(L to R, middle): handmade sausage and peppers on masa cake, The glorious Heritage Tavern pig head (didn’t actually eat that…), and salmon on bed of potatoes, with eggplant mayo and a fresh tomato caviar.

(L to R, bottom): Bacon S’mores, Tuna on wonton with crema and veggies, and roasted pork carnitas.


So yeah, basically we all ate our way through it.  Then we ran around and danced and eventually made our way back home.


Impromptu photo shoot on the way out.


So long, Yum Yum Fest.  Until next year…


Week stuff 8-30


Tired. Not sure why, not the most grueling of weekends, but then again: 3 workouts, 2 spin classes, and 1 sleep-deprived toddler. Plus lots of house cleaning, closets organized, floors cleaned countless times (gawd, toddlers are messy things), and I randomly re-potted several plants. A year ago, I was known for my plant-killing ways. These days I can’t keep up, they are outgrowing pots. Random.

Oh, and made Danish pancakes.

(Okay fine, they were frozen and from TJs. Still baked them myself.)


Toddlers are maniacs. He’s lucky he’s also terribly funny and has weird hair, otherwise he’d be out on the curb with a For Sale sign.


Pete’s cameo, he shows up from time to time.

Oh, and Sunday I went out to the Cave with superstar Marta, to sneak in and scout wedding spots. It was fun. I can’t wait for that wedding, folks.


PEACE – another expiration-closing face mask needs to be applied and then I need to sneak in some sleep. Talk again soon.


Weekend Ramblings 8-23-2015



I am writing this with a fancy face mask on my face (because it expires in a week, and also coincidentally because wearing a face mask keeps me from stuffing my face with these cookies) and a good movie on in the background, so will be quick. And also the fact that this is about a week late means I should also be short but succinct.


The week!  Well there was not a whole ton to report, but I do have to brag that I actually crawled out of my introverted hole a few times to interact with other human beings in a normal fashion.  First up was Marta’s bachelorette party.  I arrived at Hilldale a little earlier than planned, so spent my time (and money) cruising Anthropologie before meeting up with the gals at Pasquals.  Then off we all went at the appointed time to Lush, where we feted Marta with champagne and cupcakes and were all kinds of pampered.   Facials, massages, product demos, made our own bath bombs, and also private shopping.  PRIVATE SHOPPING, I AM IN HEAVEN.  I didn’t bring my camera because I felt a little self-conscious doing that, so you’re going to see some crappy phone pictures.  Sorry not sorry.

These are some of my friends wearing assorted face masks, scrubs, toners, and whatnot. I am sharing because I am a bad friend.  There are no pictures of me in my oatmeal-cookie-smelling face mask, thankfully (probably because they were nice enough to realize no one wants to see that).

We were all given a monetary credit and let loose to shop at the end. I pretty much bought all the things, as one does in Lush anyway. I got all the Fun soap colors for the boys (Pete LOOOOOOVES them), bath bombs, and that cookie-dough face mask. Which I am currently wearing. I want cookies.




This weekend we actually cooked a meal, which is worth noting given it’s end of summer and the garden/CSA bounty is good and what the hell, lets just snarf it all down in salads, raw with a bit of salt, or in a quick saute as a side dish. Sandwiches for all! Except for our favorite roasted summer-tomato pasta, that stuff is the shizz, and I have no issues heating up my kitchen to make it all the time.


Linus and I also made cookies, partially because I felt like baking and partially just to keep Baby Dennis the Menace busy so he doesn’t flush more items down the toilet or dump random things from the pantry all over the carpet.

PS – our vacuum died, like right after vacuuming up a full box of cereal he squashed into the carpet. Toddlers are so fun, you guys.


On Sunday we headed to Yum-Yum Fest, which was all kinds of awesome and deserves a post all on its own, so that will come later in the week. For now enjoy just a few outtakes from that.



Peace out – off to wash my face.



Second verse, same as the first.  Cooler weather on the way riiiiiight nooooow so next weekend’s festivities should be much nicer!  Not to mention: I got the nasty cold, then Scott got the nasty cold, we are both still coughing our guts out HOWEVER – while we down for the count the last few weekends, we should be ready to roll and enjoy summer again come this next weekend.  THANK THE LAWD.

Anyhoo. Thanks to crappy chest colds and the heat, we spent a good chunk of time inside.  The boys tore the house apart, had more than a few dance parties, and did a lot of healthy bed-jumping to supplement their exercise.







By Sunday Scott felt a weeeee bit less like death warmed over (I could have told him that it would be a short reprieve before the ugly virus raised its head again, but I didn’t want to kill his spirit so just rolled with it).  So we hit up the Monroe St. Farmers Market, which is (blissfully) on a Sunday and therefore helpful if you miss the DCFM (or our other haunt, the Hillside Market). We got tomatoes and cukes, some kettle corn, and the nice folks at Ernies fawned over the kiddos and then gave the boys cups-ful of rainbow corn as well.  Because: spoiled.  Linus enjoyed watching all the airplanes overhead between bites.



He actually spilled the remainder of his cup on the ground, he was so busy freaking out over airplanes.  Whoops.  Thankfully planes trumped snacks and he was okay with it (whew).

We got home and cleaned and stuff, all the usual weekend stuff, then went outside to tend the plants and ended up spending the rest of the late afternoon goofing around out there.





That’s all, dudes.  Catching up on all sorts of stuff, so more goodies to come soon…


Dog Days.

It’s hot.  It’s humid.  We have lost all desire to cook dinner in our kitchen, instead living off grilled things and BLTs and chopped veggies. We flip-flop between hiding inside in the cool AC watching TV and working with Perler bead crafts, and just accepting it’s gonna be gross and hot outside and just embracing this dastardly weather.

Hello, August, nice to see you.

Daycare was closed unexpectedly this week, which wasn’t the biggest issue because I still felt like death warmed over thanks to that nasty cold/flu thing (which is still clinging deep in my chest…).  Home with both boys, lots of trips on bikes exploring our neighborhood, playing at the park, walking the wetlands and the conservatory. And ice cream.  And water fights.




Funny story: at the park a bunch of kids Moose’s age were kinda hanging out together with their moms, and since this is a wee little park by our house I thought I’d be friendly and head over there with my own toddler, but when I turned to coax him over I found him talking lovingly to the park bench, occasionally leaning over to moon at it and kiss it.  Soooo, nevermind actually.

8-13-002 8-13-003 8-13-004 8-13-005

One of those days we hit up the local nursery – I have quite the collection of houseplants these days, and one that I bought when a wee plant – my lovely split-leaf philodendron, which was growing nice and big – had some kind of bug problem. None of my other plants seemed affected, but whatever gross bug it was, it was really enjoying my poor philo. So we hit up the local nursery with pictures, they found us a spray to apply and also I couldn’t just go to the nursery and not come home with a few new babies…. So I have a (wee, tiny) staghorn-or-birds-nest fern (time will tell on that…) and another (wee, tiny) snake plant, and Scott just groaned because we have pretty much run out of counter/ledge/window space for all these plant children of mine. Whatever, deal dude.


Yeah, our Perler-bead addiction is getting out of hand, too. Stocked up on more beads this weekend.

Also we had some epic water fights in the yard. This is how you deal with heat and humidity on the cheap – fill some tubs with water and toss a bunch of random toys/cups/spray bottles out there. Try to aim towards the gardens while you’re at it, boys. BOOM.




That’s it for today – will upload more another day.  Stay cool (as in not sweltering), my friends.


Sunflowers and The Plague

Hellllooooo! I have a nasty chest cold but wanted to get a post up. Even though I am kinda delirious right now and would like nothing more than to pass out. For the third time today. (No shame.)

ANYWAY. Here are some pictures from the Pope Conservatory Sunflower Field! I was told to come here. Kansas people love sunflowers, duh. But for real, it was gorgeous and I’m glad we went, even though it was packed and Linus threw the biggest temper tantrum known to man (and he’s not even TWO, we are SCREWED, guys, everyone and I mean EVERYONE stared as we dragged his screaming snot-covered self back to the car. Nyquil me.)



So sometime around Friday, right around the time I got Linus down for bed, I felt the Plague upon me.  Fever chills, muscle aches, all the sads when I hear that Rachel Platten song, the works people.  I’ve gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex and a roll of toilet paper, plus it has migrated to my chest.  WEEEEEE.  The kids and I hung out and I was able to get off a few pictures, so there’s that at least.  Linus loves his $1 blue foam crown from Joann Fabrics.  I am not sure why but whatever, own it baby.  Also Pete is about 2 seconds from losing his 3rd tooth. Those things fall out crazy fast once they start, man.


We got our CSA and pretty much 60% of it was different from what they said in the email, so I’m kinda scrambling. At least there are not 3 kinds of cabbage as originally promised. So anyway, even through my fever dreams (and while the kids destroyed the living room and playroom) I have been able to make strawberry oatmeal bars, orzo roasted-veggie salad, and I cut up the melons for the kids. Which they devoured in less than 4 hours.

Also if Pete is good he gets Scott’s old phone in the evenings as his Screen Time, and it’s kinda creepy how much they resemble each other…

Oh and I finally made a big print from a vacation (from Cannon Beach, where we were exactly a year ago weirdly enough) and got it on the wall. Finally art is going up in this hizzz-ouse, woo hoo.


Yeah that’s all I got, peeps. Have a good weekend.  I’ve got another shot of cold meds and will chug a giant glass of water, then I’m outtie.  Have a good week.


Noah and Liz got married.


So several months ago, my coworker Liz asked if I would mind taking pictures at her wedding. They were trying to keep the budget down, and really only needed someone to show up for an hour or two. Pffffffft – well for one, I am always happy to help a friend, and I kinda missing shooting weddings truth be told. Also, gurrrrrrrl – you’ll need more than 2 hours tops, trust. Long story short, I dusted off all the gear, formatted my cards, and off I went to shoot their wedding that late-July day.

Liz and Noah are awesome people, and their wedding was 100% representative of them. It was also a celebration of this town they love so much – the wedding was held at iconic Olin Park, and decorated with flowers from Dane County Farmers Market. The dinner was catered by one of the Madison food carts, and 200 doughnuts were ordered from Greenbush, in lieu of cake.

They are also avid outdoorsypeople (Wait is that a word or did the Nyquil make it up? whatever I’m going with it.), so they made sure there was plenty to keep guests entertained post-dinner. It was a lovely, warm day and everybody (me included) laughed a whole heck of a lot, which I think that says a lot about them and how their lives together will go.








Noah’s father officiated the ceremony. It was fantastic, very heartfelt and funny and just great all around.













Congratulations, you two. Any marriage celebrated with doughnuts is sure to be a great one.



Mustard Day Update Thingie

Yeeeeah so next year?  I think I might go back to the Sunday updates, because it just works better that way.  Not sure what I was thinking, “updating by occasion”, Haaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Okay so this weekend! Last weekend I was workin’ on Liz’s wedding and have been culling/editing that (more on that later…) and lately I’ve been CONSUMED with spinning classes (more on that later too…) and my house, it is DIRTY and time for the Quarterly Giant Scrub Down, so that happened this weekend.  But all that stuff aside!  We found some time to have fun, and that was because this weekend was MUSTARD FEST.

Actually I think technically it’s called “National Mustard Day”, but anyway the Mustard Museum in downtown Middleton has a mini festival to celebrate.  We went once, right after we moved here.  Last year we were doing the Oregon thing, so missed it.  But this year!  This year, we headed down to check it out. Kinda helps that it’s a 4-ish minute drive for us now.  We went kinda late, when they were not long from shutting down for the day.  There was a band there, though, so we listened for a sec.


Linus was less than impressed.


Then we hit the Bounce House area! That was a bigger hit.


And Weiner-mobiled.



And then we walked down to get a late lunch, because we never actually went and got our free hot dogs (FOR SHAME) or mustard samples (FOR SHAME) so pizza it is.  .


Linus showed off his muscles while we waited for the pizza to get to our table


Stud.  And that’s it, my friends!

July 30th

My day:

Today, I did the usual looooooooong-commute/Work/sweaty lunchhour workout/Work/looooooooong-commute, then got home at 6pm to Scott puttering around a warm clangy kitchen, deftly constructing a delicious veggie-laden chicken yakisoba from three separate pots/pans on the stovetop.  While we all sat down and slurped up our veggie and noodles, Scott mentioned heading out to mow the lawn, then maybe picking up a few things at the grocery store.  Was I okay alone with the boys for a few hours?

Um, duh?  Some chores while the boys play, then baths/books/bedtime, BOOM.  I got this, suckah.  Get outta here.

Welllllllllll here is how it really went down:

  • Scottie changed and headed outside.
  • Pete and Linus kept badgering me and pestering while I tried to clean the kitchen.
  • Ran around keeping the kids busy between bouts of scrubbing dishes in a soapy sink of water.  I’VE GOT THIS.

  • Pete decided to go out and play with the neighbor kids.
  • Finished the dishes, wiped counters, unpacked bags, prepped stuff for tomorrow, cleaned kitchen and bedroom and etc.
  • Don’t die, you will persevere…

  • Hustled Linus into the bath tub.
  • Started packing Pete’s lunch for tomorrow in-between running to the bath to make sure Moose didn’t drown.
  • Pete bursts in the door out of breath, sobbing, with big red welts on his face.
  • Hug and soothe and he tells me in-between gasps for air that the neighborhood kids threatened to beat him up if he didn’t stand still, then they loaded a pitching machine aimed at his face…*

  • *Luckily it was loaded with wiffle balls, but still…
  • Hear yelping from the bathroom, remember that oh, yeah, toddler is in the bath alone, stand up as Pete falls to the floor a sobbing mess and then sprint to the bathroom.
  • Find the toddler desperately trying to escape the bath, then peer inside and see at least half a dozen poops floating around in there.

  • Get toddler out of bath, towel him off, and contemplate bathing him again.  Instead wipe him down with baby wipes.
  • Hear Scott come in from mowing the lawn and yell that there are POOPS OMG IN THE BATHTUB RIGHT NOW and he yells back oh hai la-la-la can’t hear you and am leaving for the grocery store BYEEEEEEE.
  • Scott is all ‘PSYCH’ and tags in and takes over care of toddler.
  • Yank all toys out of tub, get OMG POOPS outta there and flush away, then drain.
  • Realize Pete has decided to eat his feelings, and by that I mean he ate the lunch I packed for him for school tomorrow.

  • Scrub tub. Sanitize tub.  Contemplate setting tub on fire.
  • Go back to a very mopey Pete and try to soothe, and explain why the neighbors are not indeed assholes but just kids being kids blah Blah BLAH and man but it’s hard to not just be That Lame Person that goes outside to go all Mama Bear on Those Punks (man, is that tempting or what).

  • And lordy, but why haven’t I read up on this bullying stuff by now so I sound like I know WTF I’m talking about to him…
  • He accepts my answers (really?  I guess I am adulting alright then?) and goes outside to get on his bike and play with neighbor kids again.
  • Start to pack Pete another lunch. He comes back in crying in about 5 minutes.
  • Scott comes with baby-powder-smelling, diapered and PJ-ed and teeth-brushed calm toddler, and hands him off, then actually leaves for grocery store. Welp… I’VE GOT THIS, FOR REAL THIS TIME. I AM SURE OF IT.

  • Linus chases a balloon down the hallway and runs backwards into a wall (huh?) and jacks up his back, so much screaming even though I hug. Unfortunately I am not his favorite person, dad, so I suck and help not at all.  HALP. ME.
  • Pete walks up to us and mournfully admits that the boys were mean to him again.  Then says he responded by “doing this”  (imagine your child demonstrating bitch-slapping himself on the forehead).  Me: OMG YOU HIT HIM IN THE FACE??? Pete: “Uh, NO!  I didn’t hit him in the face! I did this!  (Repeats bitch-slapping action to forehead, as if it is totally different.).
  • ::Random Epiphany::
  • Me: Okay well, thanks for being so honest with me, but I’m sorry that was as mean, just as bad as what they did to you, and I think the best thing to do is to apologize, because it’s the right thing and you’ll feel better afterwards.”

  • Marches him outside, as if I am some kind of real grown up, down to the next house over, and stands there with toddler on hip like a real bad-ass mama that takes no shit, while he embarrassedly and mournfully apologizes to neighbor kid.
  • Neighbor kid is like, DUDE WE ARE SO COOL NOW.  They do that bro-hug thing and things are now semi-okay or whatever.
  • Thank gawd that’s over.  Except: due to all the excitement of the evening, it takes 45 minutes to read and get toddler to bed.
  • Finally leave toddler to go to bed (he is jumping on his bed as I leave him, incidentally) to realize: Pete has escaped back to outside, SERIOUSLY DUDE DO YOU NOT LEARN LIKE EVAR.

  • Coax him inside after 10 more minutes,  only to hear him cheerfully tell me how the neighbor kids also apologized back to him and now they are all cool again.  GAWD YOU GUYS IS THIS ROLLERCOASTER MY REALITY FOR THE NEXT 12-ISH YEARS JUST BREAK IT TO ME NOW OKAY?
  • Hustle him into the shower, and Scott finally arrives home.
  • Aaaaaand beer me.

Or booze me, whatever. And this is why I get nothing done in my life, guys.



The Third Coast – Day 2

You guys, I was just thinking about how I needed to get my butt in gear and finish my Lake Michigan write-up, and realized: in one of my ‘Grinder Evenings’ where I kick photo-editing catch up into high gear, I had indeed already collage-ed the photos and added them to a post, so they were actually finished like a week ago and are just waiting for some words. Ummmmmm oops?

So hey, guess what! Looks like I’m ready after all! Let’s knock this out and move along shall we? Day Two… We woke up kinda early-ish (okay not really, we laid around like beached whales until 8am while the kidlets watched cartoons and raided the car-snack stash, which we conveniently left on the floor near the closet. Licorice for breakfast, sure whatever works.).

We planned to drive up the peninsula and hit a few spots, but we stopped at the local beach on the way out because: preeeeeettttttty. Also I wanted to cruise on the garage sale across the street again. Obsessed. Also we had left the AC running when we went to sleep, and it’s a window unit, so it was like a meat freezer in our room by the time we woke up. Lovely.

lk-mi-001 lk-mi-002 After digging frantically in the sand because Pete was sobbing because I BURIED MY MINECRAFT LEGO GUYS AND I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERRRRRRRRRRRE, we eventually located the missing Lego men and dragged our butts back to the car. Sister Bay and Door County Creamery, here we come.

This spot is a must when you hit up Door County. Just a small shop, but the best goat cheese in the land. IN THE LAND. Jesse and Rachael love what they do and it shows. We got some of the goat-cheese gelato, narrowing it down to the roasted-fig almond and the stracciatella. The best, oh my gosh – the creamiest, richest gelato around. I was shocked it was made with goat’s milk, it’s very buttery and well… amazing. The food looked killer as well (did I mention that Jesse trained and worked as a chef in France for a time before coming back home to Sister Bay?). We stuck to gelato this visit, and stocked up on cheese and spent some quality time petting the babies in front. lk-mi-003 lk-mi-004 We bummed around downtown Sister Bay for awhile, like the rest of the beach-side towns dotting the area there were lots of cute boutiques and shops and restaurants. We ended up at a park, which was charmingly squeezed between a beach and a walk-up bar with garden seating. BRILLIANT. I mean, unfortunately it was before noon and that was a wee bit early to start drinking for us, but hey. Still brilliant. Pete played at the park, Linus and I walked the beach and docks, and we just stood around enjoying things for a bit. Nice nice nice. lk-mi-005 We drove back down a bit and hit up Ephraim, mainly because I wanted to visit Anderson Dock (no shame, I fully admit it was for the photo opportunities). lk-mi-006 It’s covered in names, going back decades. You are welcome to paint on your own (if you find room), but we chose to instead see if we could find our own. Lo and behold: Scott spotted a Moose, with a Pete right next to it. T’was always meant to be, those two. lk-mi-007 lk-mi-008 We wandered back down the coast a bit, then cut across to the Lake Michigan side. Our plan was to hit up Door County Brewing Company, as we had read good things. The problem: as it was the 4th of July, there were several small celebrations going on across the Door, and Bailey’s Harbor (where the brewery is located) held the county parade. Which was winding down, just as we hit town. Weeeeeeee!

Actually it wasn’t terribly bad and we found some parking a few blocks down (that ain’t nuthin’ when you live in a city). So we grabbed our picnic stuff and hoofed it down to the brewery. lk-mi-009 They don’t have food so if you want something to eat, better bring your own (or hope the taco guy is there that day peddling his goods). We brought a bag with our finds from the Creamery, as well as cured sausage and pickles and things. Drinks for the kids, beer for us. Ahhhhh. Good stuff too; we bought a 6-pack to take back. lk-mi-010 lk-mi-011 Once done with our dinner and beers, we hit the road once again. We took our time, enjoyed the views, and eventually headed over to PC Junction/Pizza Czar. This place, to me, is a true gem. The wait can be pretty long (at least if you want seating at the PC Junction bar, which: you do), and the food is nothing to write home about. But! These two eateries are on a huge lot of land, full of all kinds of playground-type curiosities and a pedal-car race track. Also, they have a walk-up bar. So you can get yourself a cheap margarita, kick back, and relax while your kids run themselves ragged for hours.

And that’s just what we did – put in our names for the (train-delivered) bar area, and chilled. Our seats were actually ready in about half an hour, which is quick (then again, it was like 3pm). We got some root beers and ice cream, and sat enjoying the train for awhile. lk-mi-012 Then back outside, to PLAAAAAAY! lk-mi-013.5 We went ahead and grabbed a family pedal-kart this time, we figured what the heck. Plopped the boys in the front, and off we went. Ummmmmm the ‘race trails’ seem a lot more narrow when you’re pedaling these things. Also I was wearing a cute little shift dress, which I realized only after pedaling was not the best choice for that day. Oh well, sorry for flashing you, peeps. lk-mi-013 lk-mi-014 And that concluded our day in Door County. Eventually we packed it in and headed back to Algoma for the evening. We hit up our motel first, hoping that Linus would maybe take a late, short nap (spoiler: nope, nope). We chilled, watched some Cartoon Network, then decided to hit the beach again. We figured we’d picnic again (I am the queen of picnics this summer, y’all), enjoy this beautiful setting, so we picked up some Subway subs and hit the beach for a lovely, pretty, beachy picnic.

That was the dumbest idea I have ever had. lk-mi-015 Have you ever picnicked on a beach? Well, let me describe how it goes. You lay down your blanket. You get your stuff in the middle of the blanket. Then, everyone tries to carefully eeeeeease their way onto the blanket, because: sand. But oh, the sand still gets kicked up on and your blanket. So you sloooooooowly move limbs as to not kick up even more sand onto the food, only oh no, you totally still do, and then as you eat and try to jostle without kicking up more sand you instead kick up TONS of sand, and move your food to keep sand from getting on it, which makes more sand kick up, and THEN your toddler thinks it’s all very funny and starts picking up handfuls of sand and dropping them on the blanket… Pete is my angel child, he is chill and goes with the flow most of the time and never has a mean word for anyone or anything. Except for this picnic, he very angrily stated “who in the world has a picnic at the BEACH!” before standing up and walking away.

Yeah it was that bad. So what we mostly ended up doing was grabbing our sandwiches, abandoning the picnic area we had set up, and just wandered around the beach and skipped rocks and stuff. The end.

And yes, best believe I had a bottle of Rosé packed away too, to make our Subway dinner seem a little more respectable. Instead it helped Scott and I keep our sanity. Yay yay for Rosé! lk-mi-016 lk-mi-017 lk-mi-018 Eventually we headed to the motel because it was getting dark, boo hoo. lk-mi-019 We bathed the chillens and tucked them into their beds, but alas. Forget the fact that they had a long, busy day: they were hyper. So they chattered and played weird brother type games that us grown ups did not understand, and finally Scott and I were like WE ARE OUTTA HERE YOU FOOLS, GO TO SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DONE. We then retired to the sitting area outside the motel room, with a beer and the rest of that lovely wild-ramp goat cheese. Mini date! lk-mi-020 Catch ya later kids.